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Insight® Ultrasonic Inserts

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Insight Ultrasonic Inserts

Get everything you need to make your scaling jobs easier and more efficient in one revolutionary ultrasonic insert– Insight. DenMat brings you the only ultrasonic insert that combines swivel, light, Precision Flow™, ergonomic balance and adaptability. Ultrasonic instrumentation has been estimated to reduce clinician’s scaling time significantly; imagine how swift and effective you will be with see, move and flow all at the same time!

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

PDF: Insight – English

CAUTION: This device is for professional use ONLY. Device is not supplied sterile. Sterilize before using for the first time (please refer to the Cleaning/Disinfecting and Sterilization section for proper sterilization and instructions). For infection control, inspect, clean and sterilize before each use thereafter.

Note: When not in use, store Insight® inserts in a clean, dry area with tips protected from damage.

Description of the device

DenMat Insight® Ultrasonic Inserts are designed for hygienist, by hygienist for use with magnetostrictive scalers. The Insight® family of magnetostrictive ultrasonic inserts delivers innovative features not found with other ultrasonic inserts. From its tip to its ergonomic grip, the Insight® family of inserts is designed with hygien- ists in mind. Insight® inserts are available in your choice of tip design and either 25K or 30K operating frequencies.


 Insight® inserts are to be used with magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers to perform:

  • All general supra and subgingival scaling.
  • Deplaquing procedures.
  • Periodontal debridement.

Contraindications and Warnings

  • Inspect and clean ultrasonic inserts prior to first use. For infection control, inspect, clean and sterilize before each use thereafter.
  • Insight® inserts should only be used for scaling teeth (cleaning and removing accretions from the tooth surface). Inserts should not be used for any other purpose.
  • Not to be used on patients or by clinicians with cardiac pacemakers.
  • Not to be used on high-risk infectious patients.
  • Not to be used on restorative materials.
  • Use the lowest effective power setting. Use of the insert at excessive power settings may damage teeth or roots and could damage the insert. (For power settings, please reference unit power settings).

General Precautions

  • Do not attempt to bend or reshape the insert. If dropped, bent or broken, replace the insert. Insert tips which have been bent, broken or altered should not be used.
  • Always operate inserts with water flow.
  • Always operate inserts with appropriate suction.
  • Patients should rinse with an anti-microbial mouth rinse prior to scaling.
  • Cold liquid disinfection/sterilization (e.g. glutaraldehyde) and dry-heat sterilization are not recommended for Insight® inserts. Sterilization by either of these methods will void the warranty.
  • Avoid prolonged contact of the insert with exposed skin or soft tissue. Holding the insert stationary for an extended time may cause damage to teeth or roots.
  • Ultrasonic inserts should only be used by personnel trained in their proper use.
  • Use of the insert at excessive power settings may damage teeth, roots and insert.

Unit Power Settings

  • Insight® 10S inserts should be used with the scaler unit set at a power setting no higher than “medium.”
  • All other Insight® inserts may be used with the scaler unit set to maximum power.


  • Store insert at room temperature.

Insert Selection

It is recommended that selection of the proper insert be based on one or more of the following:

  • Patient’s oral condition.
  • Type, extent and location of deposits to be removed.
  • Root anatomy, considering concavities and furcations.

Basic Instrumentation

1. Select the appropriate insert for the tooth or root to be treated.

2. Fill handpiece with water, wet o-ring, and use gentle twisting motion to seat insert in handpiece.

3. Use the lowest effective power setting. (Please refer to unit power setting for proper power settings).

4. Adjust the water control until the water flows with a fast drip or mist.

5. Use very light pressure holding the handpiece or insert grip with a pen grasp or modified pen grasp.

6. Position the insert so the point is not directed into the root surface.

7. Using a light, smooth, gentle touch, keep the insert tip in motion at all times using short, controlled, overlapping horizontal, vertical or oblique brush-like strokes. Holding the insert stationary for an extended time may cause damage to teeth or roots.

8. When exploring or evaluating root surfaces, be sure to inactivate the insert.


  • Rinse inserts thoroughly to remove gross debris.
  • Do not expose Insight® ultrasonic inserts to corrosive chemicals such as chlorides, sulfates, and surface disinfectants.
  • If ultrasonic cleaning is desired, fully immerse in a mild ultrasonic cleaning solution for 7 – 10 minutes, or 15 – 20 minutes if the insert is in a cassette.
  • Rinse inserts thoroughly after ultrasonic cleaning. (Approx. 30 – 60 seconds for loose inserts and 1 – 1.5 minutes per cassette.)
  • Dry ultrasonic inserts completely.


  • Do not use dry-heat sterilization, chemical vapor sterilization or cold liquid sterilants (e.g. glutaraldehyde) with Insight® Ultrasonic Inserts. These methods may cause o-rings to dry out and crack.
  • Sterilize ultrasonic inserts in a cassette or paper pouch in a steam autoclave in gravity/vacuum mood for full cycle: 4 minutes at 135° C.
  • Placing pouches in the vertical position inside the sterilization chamber will eliminate weight bearing down on the inserts.
  • Allow ultrasonic inserts to dry and cool completely after sterilization cycle for 60 minutes.
  • Insight® Ultrasonic Insert should remain in sealed pouch until it is ready to use.



Are Insight ultrasonic inserts Magnetostrictive or Piezoelectric? 
Insight ultrasonic inserts are Magnetostrictive. These types of units are more common in the United States and they create an elliptical motion rather than the more linear motion created by Piezoelectric units. 

Can you use Insight inserts in other company’s base units? 
Yes. Insight ultrasonic inserts are designed to work in the majority of magnetostrictive type units (Dentsply/Cavitron, Parkell, etc). 

Why would you use an ultrasonic scaler instead of a manual scaler/ instrument?
Offices use ultrasonic scalers because they save time and reduce user fatigue from repetitive motion. In most cases, the debris can be quickly removed with an ultrasonic scaler and the finishing touches are made with manual scalers. 

What is the difference between a 25K and a 30K unit?
Some units work with a frequency of 25,000 cycles per second (or Hertz) and others work with a frequency of 30,000 cycles per second. These are referred to as 25K or 30K units. The frequency determines how fast the insert tip will vibrate. 30K inserts vibrate at a faster rate of speed than 25K units. However, if you look at the stack (the multiple pieces of magnetic material attached to the base of the insert that convert the electrical current into motion), the 30K stack is actually shorter than the 25k stack even though it is more powerful. 

FAQ – Insight Ultrasonic Insert LED

How does the LED work?
The ultrasonic vibration that drives the insert is converted into electricity, which powers the LED. 

Can the LED in the insert be replaced?
The LED in the insert can NOT be replaced.

Does DenMat repair inserts or the LED? 
DenMat does not repair inserts or LED. If any of the inserts break or are mishandled, the inserts must be replaced. 

What is the life expectancy of the LED in the insert?
The life expectancy of the LED itself is 100,000 hours. We warranty it for 180 days along with the rest of the insert (see below). Under normal use, the LED will last far longer than the insert.

What is the life expectancy of the LED?
This depends on use, handling, and care of the insert. The insert tip will probably wear down or break before the LED dies. However, that does not mean the inserts will last forever. While not fragile, the inserts can be broken and the stacks can be bent, rendering them inoperative. Reasonable care should be used when handling the insert, particularly when the insert is warm coming out of the autoclave.

What is the warranty on the insert?
There is a warranty for 6 months (180 calendar days) from date of purchase for manufacturer flaws. The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear or mishandling.

We believe that MOST of your warranty-replacements will actually be due to customer-damage, so please consider whether you want us to assess returns for that and deny a replacement.

Depending on use and treatment, the inserts should last for 150-200 scalings or more, but wear-and-tear is not covered by the warranty. Dropping, bending the stack, or wearing the tip out from excess pressure, misuse, or heavy use is not covered under the warranty.

If the LED is not working, does that mean the insert is broken or defective?
The ultrasonic insert will work even if the LED does not. You can determine whether the insert is working, by whether or not it “buzzes” in the handpiece.

Are the grips LATEX-FREE?

Is the sterilization process any different for the LED insert vs. a regular insert?
Like other ultrasonic inserts, DenMat’s inserts  are steam autoclavable, only. The inserts can be cleaned with a non-ionic ultrasonic solution in an ultrasonic bath prior to sterilization.

Features And Benefits

Features and Benefits of Insight Ultrasonic Inserts

Insight ultrasonic insert combines enhanced visibility, ergonomic flexibility and a precise water flow, making your scaling jobs much easier and more efficient.

Experience Insight Ultrasonic Inserts
Dual patented LED light technology
Dual patented LED – light technology works off ultrasonic energy, so no additional equipment is required. Insight ultrasonic insert’s LED illumination assists in proper instrument placement in tough to reach areas and improves workflow by decreasing interruptions caused by overhead light and body repositioning which is important to ergonomics and core, body health. Correct adaptation is essential for hygienists to prevent root surface damage and unnecessary cementum removal in periodontal therapy.

Improve workflow with Insight ultrasonic inserts
Neither the overhead lighting in your treatment room nor your loupes will provide you with the adequate amount of intra-oral illumination you need for the tough-to-reach areas.

With the Insight ultrasonic insert, you can increase your proficiency in both seeing and treating the 4 most commonly visually challenged areas for dental hygienists:

  • Buccal of Maxillary Molars
  • Distal and/or Lingual of Maxillary Molars
  • Buccal of Mandibular Molars
  • Distal and/or Lingual Mandibular Molars

Dual-LED Ergonomic Benefits

The LED light is immediately activated, no waiting for illumination, no maintenance woes for sterilization. The additional visibility lets you work without constant interruptions caused by the overhead light allowing a more neutral body position which is important to ergonomics and core body health. Frequently adjusting your light not only wastes time, it is disruptive for the task at hand and invites fatique.

Ergonomic 360-degree swivel
Insight ultrasonic insert offers a smooth 360 degree swivel, which is incorporated into a soft,ergonomically designed grip. (User should be able to click ergonomically designed grip- that opens up a light box with content-see below labeled 360 Degree ergonomic swivel). DenMat’s ultrasonic insert provides the ability to precisely rotate the insert to follow the line angle of the tooth without straining against the cord eliminating cord twisting and tension, making it easy on the wrist and shoulder. Thesoft grip, balance and move benefits work for you; no more stopping or interrupting your procedures to twist the insert hoping you’ve turned it to the correct position!

360- Degree Ergonomic Design

360-degree swivel is incorporated into a soft, ergonomically designed grip and benefits the clinician in many ways:

  • Smooth swivel allows switching from the maxilla to the mandible single handed
  • Precise rotation follows the line angle of the tooth without straining against the cord
  • Larger adjustments, like moving from the buccal to proximal of a tooth, does not require removal of the the insert from the pocket, improving workflow. Patients will appreciate the smoother scaling, and the clinician does not have to overlap strokes because of the starting and stopping.

Soft Grip
Insight ultrasonic insert has a soft grip with a natural fit. With some ultrasonic designs, vibration sensation from instrument is transferred through your hand. In comparison, you will notice Insight ultrasonic insert’s handle design will not interfere with your tactile sense. Best of all, the ultrasonic insert handle design is well balanced.

Why is balance important for hygienists?
The tension from ultrasonic cord may place pressure on wrist or arm. To alleviate this, many hygienists place the cord around their units or their arms, pinky fingers. Insight ultrasonic insert’s balanced design is ergonomically effectual for your hygiene career: Less force applied to tooth structure and less fatigue on your hand and wrist.

Precison Flow™

DenMat’s ultrasonic inserts put water where you need it. Precision Flow ™ – water delivery from the tip itself, instead of the tip base, reduces lavage to enhance patient comfort and improve visibility.

Tip Styles

Insight Ultrasonic Insert Tip Styles

Insight Ultrasonic Insert Tip Styles
Options are everything! Favorable clinical outcomes begin with tip selection. DenMat’s insert tip selections are color coded making the process even easier for your chair side choice.

Beavertail Tip #3

#3 Beavertail: Used for supragingival scaling 

  • For Heavy Debridement
  • Tenacious calculus & stains
  • Orthodontic Cement
  • Power Settings: Low to high

Triple Bend Tip #1000

#1000 Triple Bend: Can be used for both supragingival and subgingival scaling 

  • Unique bend shaped to debride hard-to-reach areas: interproximal spaces.
  • Also well suited for heavy subgingival debridement.
  • Power Settings: Low to high 

Universal Straight Bend #10 

#10 Universal Straight Bend: Used for supragingival scaling 

  •  Ideal for heavy to general debridement 
  •  Power Settings: Low to high 

Universal Thin Straight Bend #10S 

#10S Thin Straight Bend: Used for subgingival scaling and root planing 

  • Ideal for Light debridement
  • Used for pocket depths less than 4mm
  • Power setting: low to medium

Tip Efficiency Guide 

Tips do wear upon use, similar to the edge of your hand instruments. In achieving the best clinical response; compare your tip’s wear with the efficiency guide. For every 1mm gone on your tip, you tip is 25% less efficient and for every 2mm gone your tip is 50% less efficient. Be sure to reorder your tips before they affect your efficiency.

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