LumiGrip® Kit with 25 Suction Tips

Part #: 031752150


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LumiGrip makes placing Lumineers and porcelain restorations simple!

The gentle way to place Lumineers, or any veneer, with ease and confidence! The sleek LumiGrip is an ergonomically designed, fully autoclavable, anodized aluminum hand-piece that maximizes suction forces from standard saliva ejector and HVE lines in order to securely and delicately assist in the stress-free and precise placement of "contact lens-thin" Lumineers. Held like a pen, the powerful suction force directed through the soft, baffled, silicone cup securely grips the veneer, enabling precise placement. An effortless and slight retraction of the index finger  against the rotary valve on the body of the hand-piece is all that is needed to turn off the suction and release the Lumineers.


LumiGrip makes placing Lumineers and porcelain restorations simple!

Place Lumineers using the 9-and-3 o'clock rule.

Apply Ulra-Bond to Lumineers

Place Lumineers using the 9-to-3 o'clock rule.



"I am amazed at how much easier and more relaxed the whole process is now. The increased control of the cementation process really boosts my confidence. Life is too short to be stressed and from now on whether it's one unit or ten, I'll never seat another veneer without the LumiGrip."  ~ Dr. Irving Meeker

"The LumiGrip is great. Doctor has big hands and it is hard for him to seat units. LumiGrip makes it easy!"  ~ Dental Assistant

"Using the LumiGrip when placing Lumineers definitely reduces my stress and increases my confidence. During the critical cementation phase, my assistant and I know we have the veneers in our complete control because of the LumiGrip, and this brings peace of mind."

LUMIGrip Kit

Product # Item
031752150 LumiGrip Kit
Each Kit Contains:
  • LumiGrip
  • LumiGrip hose
  • Suction tips
  • Bottle brushes
  • Instructions

LumiGrip Tips

Product # Item
030752110 LumiGrip Tips
Each Kit Contains:
  • 20 tips

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