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PERFECtray are crystal-clear acrylic impression trays available in many sizes for every patient and every impression. They’re super-rigid with ergonomic handles, finger rests and perforated for superior material retention.

  • Crystal trays are completely transparent allowing full visibility for the clinician.
  • High-quality acrylic won't bend or break for distortion-free impressions.
  • Ergonomic handles and finger rests allow seamless seating of tray for both patient and clinician.
  • Small perforations retain the impression material for an easy removal of tray and material from the mouth.

Kit Options


Product # Item
SPD1400 #1 Large Upper
SPD1401 #2 Large Lower
SPD1402 #3 Medium Upper
SPD1403 #4 Medium Lower
SPD1404 #5 Small Upper
SPD1405 #6 Small Lower
SPD1406 #7 Quad. Upper R/Lower L
SPD1407 #8 Quad. Upper R/Lower R
SPD1408 #9 Anterior

Each Kit Contains:
  • 1 – Box of 20 trays
  • Instructions

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