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Precision® FatPaks

Waste not, want not. Our environmentally-friendly bulk delivery, Precision® FatPak is for use with most commercially available 5:1 automix machines. Available in an Intro Kit or Refill Kit. Precision® FatPak includes a 300 ml base and 62 ml catalyst for 362 ml of impression material.

Key Precision® Features

  • Moisture displacement actually moves blood and saliva out of the tooth's sulcus capturing minute marginal detail instantaneously.
  • Thermally activated set time responds to body heat within the mouth increasing clinician control.
  • Delicious Wild Berry flavor reduces gag reflex and patient discomfort.
  • High-dimensional stability enables multiple pours and exceptional detail reproduction indefinitely.
  • Less waste for a happy planet.

Precision® FatPaks Intro Kits

Product # Item
SPD1536 Intro Kit Medium
SPD1535 Intro Kit Heavy

Each Kit Contains:
  • 1 - 300mL Base
  • 1 - 62mL Catalyst
  • 1- Cartridge Body
  • 10 - Mixing Tips
  • Instructions

Precision® FatPaks Refill Kits

Product # Item
SPD1534 Refill Kit Medium
SPD1533 Refill Kit Heavy

Each Kit Contains:
  • 2 - 300mL Base
  • 2 - 62mL Catalyst
  • 10 - Mixing Tips
  • Instructions

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