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Superior bond strengths when used with metal

BondLink - the coupling agent that makes single-bottle adhesives compatible with self-cure and dual-cure composites. BondLink will make the following systems bond to self/dual-cured composites:

    •    Clearfil SE Bond
    •    DenTastic Uno (PulpDent)
    •    Gluma Comfort Bond + Desensitizer
    •    Matrixx Cabrio
    •    One-Up Bond F
    •    Optibond Solo Plus (Kerr)
    •    PQ1 (Ultradent)
    •    Prime & Bond NT (Dentsply)
    •    Single Bond (3M-ESPE)


    •    Fast, easy application
    •    No light required


What is a bonding agent?

Bonding agents prevent micro-leakage under restorations. They act as an adhesive between the tooth structure and the restorative material for bonding long-lasting restorations.

Why are bond strength and physical properties important?

A bonding agent creates the bond, and the composite material maintains it. The long-term success of the restoration is dependent upon the physical properties of the composite material.

What is All Surface Bonding Chart?

The All Surface Bonding Chart states that all five surfaces (enamel, dentin, porcelain, metal, and composite) can be bonded in five steps (prep surface, apply bonding agent, select restorative, place restorative, contour/finish/polish).

What are the different types of Tenure and when do I use each?

  1. Tenure MPB is a two-bottle system that requires a separate acid etch. It is recommended as the bonding agent of choice when bonding to enamel, especially during LUMINEERS porcelain veneers placement.

  2. Tenure Uni-Bond is also a two-bottle system. It is an etch-free system (unless bonding to uncut enamel) and is recommended when bonding to dentin. Eliminating the separate acid etch step will decrease chances of sensitivity.

  3. Tenure Quik is a one-bottle system containing fluoride. It is recommended to dentists who prefer a one-step, light-cure bonding agent.

What is BondLink used for?

Many competitors’ bonding agents do not bond well to self-cured and dual-cured composite materials. BondLink is a coupling agent specifically designed for bonding single bottle bonding agents to self-cured composites.

Bond Link

Product # Item
031148100 BondLink Kit

Each Kit Contains:

  • BondLink Bond 6mL
  • Dish Dappen 1pc
  • Brush Tip Handle
  • Brush Tip 5 pc
  • Instructions

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