Revitalize Supplemental Kit

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Rejuvenate old crown and bridgework - without removing them!

Finally, a solution to the problem of esthetically unattractive crowns and bridges! The new Revitalize Supplemental Kit has been designed to enable you to place LUMINEERS over clinically adequate crowns and bridges that are no longer attractive to your patients.

This kit contains all the supplemental materials necessary to accompany your Ultra-Bond kit for bonding to metal, porcelain and composite resin. Its proven chemistry for crown and bridge repair and resurfacing will allow you to bring new vitality to existing restorations.

In the past, patients thought "not yet, it doesn't look bad enough" because they remember the painful process of placing crowns and bridges. Your patients can renew their appearance painlessly with the Revitalize Supplemental Kit, combined with clinically proven Ultra-Bond and LUMINEERS.

Why LUMINEERS and Revitalize benefit your patients:

    •    A new, esthetically attractive smile

    •    No pain - no anesthetics or removal of old restoration work

    •    Maximum bonding strength - LUMINEERS are proven to last over 20 years when placed with Ultra-Bond

    •    Less chairtime - saves time and anxiety

Why LUMINEERS and Revitalize benefit dentists:

    •    Backed by a 5-year warranty

    •    No pain increases patient acceptance

    •    Proven to last over 20 years

    •    Less chairtime saves you time and money

    •    Easy to use products to supplement your LUMINEERS product inventory


Rejuvenate old crown and bridgework - without removing them!

Sandblast (microetch) to roughen the porcelain surface.

Apply Revitalize Porcelain Etchant (Kit No. 402060) to the porcelain surface for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse and dry.

Apply Porcelain Conditioner to the porcelain surface for 30 seconds, then rinse and dry. Apply Cerinate Prime (Kit No. 1399) and gently air dry.

Mix together equal portions of Tenure A and B and apply 3-5 coats.

Apply Revitalize Resin Cement inside LUMINEERS and place LUMINEERS on the tooth surface.

Light cure for 1-2 seconds using the Ceri-Taper 2 mm or 4 mm tacking tip and the Sapphire Plasma Arc Curing Light. Remove excess Revitalize Resin Cement from the margins by using a soft brush coated with Tenure S. Using a 9 mm tip and the Sapphire PAC Light, completely cure all LUMINEERS, exposing each surface for 5 seconds.

Finishing – Adjust the occlusion and perform a routine finish on the margins.


What about the Revitalize Kit enables me to bond porcelain to porcelain?

With the Revitalize kit, in conjunction with LUMINEERS, your patients can renew their appearance painlessly. The Revitalize kit includes materials that will prepare existing crowns and bridges to accept the LUMINEERS bonding process. Revitalize Etchant (Porcelock) is a hydrofluoric acid solution that will etch the existing porcelain. There are also agents included in the kit that will mask out gray margins. The key to this technique is the strength of the LUMINEERS and Revitalize Cement. These two products work together with Tenure to provide an extremely thin and strong restoration that is changing the dental industry!

If I do not have the Revitalize Kit, but I have Ultra-Bond and Tenure, can I still bond porcelain to porcelain?

You can place LUMINEERS over clinically adequate crowns and bridges using Ultra-Bond and Tenure. However, there are additional steps required to prepare the existing porcelain surface. These additional steps are critical in achieving a strong bond, and the Revitalize Kit was specifically created to include the materials required. Please contact your Den-Mat Account Executive for further information.

What are the benefits of placing LUMINEERS over existing crowns or bridges versus replacing them?

Millions of people have bridgework or crowns that are not esthetically pleasing, but are hesitant to update their smile due to fear of pain. Revitalize is the solution! No anesthetics, temporaries, or removal of old restoration work is necessary. Patients are receptive to this non-invasive alternative.

Once I place LUMINEERS over existing porcelain, is the procedure reversible?

When bonding LUMINEERS to existing teeth, the procedure is often reversible due to the no-prep technique. However, when placing LUMINEERS over existing crowns and bridges it is necessary to sandblast and etch the porcelain. This allows the strongest bond possible. This technique will remove the glaze from the existing crown or bridge, and therefore isn’t reversible.


Revitalize Kit

"It turned out wonderful and I'm not only pleased, but I have the next case already booked with Cerinate Studios."

"I received info on the Revitalize Kit and wanted to know how I could get them free. Was told about the promo. I have only two cases and need to talk to the patients about it. I'm really interested."

"I have a LUMINEERS case coming up and called to order the Finishing Kit because of previous info I have seen on the CeriSaw and CeriSander."

"I read the info about CeriSaw and CeriSander and thought I would order them to do finishing on LUMINEERS."

"Impressed that it was possible to revitalize old crowns and bridges."

"I have many patients this will help."

"I am very interested in the Revitalize Kit and the Porcelain Bonding of LUMINEERS."

"I saw the Revitalize ad, and am excited that I can offer treatment!"

"I had called in with a question about protocol for bonding LUMINEERS. I was bonding to enamel but was using the Revitalize. Your staff went thought the entire procedure with me over the phone and I am very grateful. I am very glad that Den-Mat has trained staff to be available to help. Without Den-Mat's help I would have tried to do the procedure by myself. I would of likely not done a good job on the patient. Thank You."

"I saw a LUMINEERS ad in a beauty magazine over the weekend where it directed consumers to ask their dentist for a Revitalize Kit & I want to know what that is? The LUMINEERS ads are everywhere and I want to be ready for patients to answer their questions."

Revitalize Supplemental Kit

Product # Item

Each Kit Contains:
  • Paint-On-Dental Dam Syringe – 3 mL
  • PorceLock Solution Syringe – 1.75 mL
  • Shade Modifier by Cerinate, White – 1 g
  • TetraPaque Pink – 1 g
  • Syringe tips 18G – 6 pc
  • Syringe tips 20G – 10 pc
  • Mixing pad
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart

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