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Bonds to all surfaces with the added protection of fluoride

Tenure Quik's formulation provides for a surface-penetrating, low viscosity bonding agent. Once applied to etched enamel and dentin, you can be assured that Tenure Quik with Fluoride will completely penetrate and seal the tooth interface. High bond strengths, less steps and simplified placement, combined with the ability to bond to all surfaces and the added protection of fluoride, make this the product to use for composite placement. Tenure Quik with Fluoride is compatible with self-cure, dual-cure and light cure composite restoratives.


  • Bonds all routine direct and indirect composites
  • Root/dentin desensitization
  • Bonds porcelain ceramic veneers, precious and semi-precious metals
  • Bonds indirect gold, porcelain, and ceramic inlays and onlays
  • Crown prep desensitization prior to impression/temporaries


  • Compatible with self-cure, dual-cure and light-cure composite restoratives.
  • Fast and easy single component adhesive saves chairtime
  • Bonds to all surfaces
  • Fluoride release
  • High bond strength decreases opportunity for microbial invasion
  • Resistant to microleakage, post-operative sensitivity and secondary decay
  • Desensitizes dentin


Bonds to all surfaces with the added protection of fluoride

Etch tooth surface with 37% phosphoric acid etchant for 15 seconds. Thoroughly rinse and gently blot or air dry.

Drop 2-3 drops of Tenure Quik with Fluoride into a dappen dish and completely immerse the brush tip. Apply three consecutive coats to the prepared tooth and allow to sit for 15 seconds. Remove solvent from the Tenure Quik by directing a gentle stream of dry, oil-free air from the air syringe onto the adhesive for about 10 seconds.


What is a bonding agent?

Bonding agents prevent micro-leakage under restorations. They act as an adhesive between the tooth structure and the restorative material for bonding long-lasting restorations.

Why are bond strength and physical properties important?

A bonding agent creates the bond, and the composite material maintains it. The long-term success of the restoration is dependent upon the physical properties of the composite material.

What is the Rule of 55?

The Rule of 55 states that all five surfaces (enamel, dentin, porcelain, metal, and composite) can be bonded in five steps (prep surface, apply bonding agent, select restorative, place restorative, contour/finish/polish).

What are the different types of Tenure and when do I use each?

  1. Tenure MPB is a 2 bottle system that requires a separate acid etch. It is recommended as the bonding agent of choice when bonding to enamel, especially during LUMINEERS porcelain veneers placement.

  2. Tenure Uni-Bond is also a 2-bottle system. It is an etch-free system (unless bonding to uncut enamel) and is recommended when bonding to dentin. Eliminating the separate acid etch step will decrease chances of sensitivity.

  3. Tenure Quik is a one-bottle system containing fluoride. It is recommended to dentists who prefer a one-step, light-cure bonding agent.

What is BondLink used for?

Many competitors’ bonding agents do not bond well to self-cured and dual-cured composite materials. BondLink is a coupling agent specifically designed for bonding single bottle bonding agents to self-cured composites.


Tenure Quik with Fluoride

  • “Tenure Quik is great because it saves chair time with the no mix formula. Love the fact that it has Fluoride release and it is a very strong bonding agent!”


  • “Doctor likes bond strength of Tenure Quik.”


  • “I would be lost without it, it's simple to use and I really like the bond.”


  • “Tenure Quik with fluoride has the ability to interpenetrate into dentin to form a hybrid layer. The result is high bond values, less microleakage and less post-restorative sensitivity. It requires fewer steps in placement than other single-component systems while retaining a high degree of clinical reliability.”


Kit Options

Tenure Quick With Flouride System

Product # Item

Each Kit Contains:

  • BRUSH TIP 25pc
  • SYRINGE TIP 18G/6pc
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart

Product # Item
031145300 Tenure Quik with Fluoride Refill Kit

Each Kit Contains:

  • 3 bottles - Tenure Quik with Fluoride – 6mL
  • Instructions card
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart

Product # Item
031145700 Tenure Quik with Fluoride Kit

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 bottle - Tenure Quik with Fluoride – 5mL
  • 1 syringe – Etchant Medium Viscosity – 3mL
  • Dappen dish – 2pc
  • Brush tips – 25pc
  • Brush tip handle
  • Syringe tip pink 18G – 6pc
  • Instructions card
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart

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