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The easy to use self-etching bonding agent

Tenure Uni-Bond self-etching bonding system simplifies all direct bonding applications with anterior and posterior composites. It is ideal when cementing crowns and bridges with self and dual-cure resin cements. Tenure Uni-Bond is compatible with self-cure, dual-cure and light-cure composite materials.

Gloss 'N' Seal is a light-cure, low viscosity, surface penetrating sealant with exceptional abrasion resistance; easily applied to seal the microcracks within the resin and enamel surface on restorations.


  • Bonds all routine and indirect resin composites
  • Root/dentin desensitization
  • Bonds porcelain, ceramic veneers, amalgams and precious and semi-precious prepared metals
  • Bonds indirect gold, porcelain, and ceramic inlays and onlays


  • No separate etching required
  • Bonds to all intraoral surfaces - self-cure, dual-cure, and all composites - even amalgam, precious and semi-precious metals, and porcelain
  • High-bond strength
  • Less chairtime
  • Non-sensitivity formula
  • Gloss-N-Seal seals and glosses your final masterpiece


What is a bonding agent?

Bonding agents prevent micro-leakage under restorations. They act as an adhesive between the tooth structure and the restorative material for bonding long-lasting restorations.

Why are bond strength and physical properties important?

A bonding agent creates the bond, and the composite material maintains it. The long-term success of the restoration is dependent upon the physical properties of the composite material.

What is the All Surface Bonding Chart?

The All Surface Bonding Chart states that all five surfaces (enamel, dentin, porcelain, metal, and composite) can be bonded in five steps (prep surface, apply bonding agent, select restorative, place restorative, contour/finish/polish).

What are the different types of Tenure and when do I use each?

  1. Tenure MPB is a 2 bottle system that requires a separate acid etch. It is recommended as the bonding agent of choice when bonding to enamel, especially during LUMINEERS porcelain veneers placement.

  2. Tenure Uni-Bond is also a 2-bottle system. It is an etch-free system (unless bonding to uncut enamel) and is recommended when bonding to dentin. Eliminating the separate acid etch step will decrease chances of sensitivity.

  3. Tenure Quik is a one-bottle system containing fluoride. It is recommended to dentists who prefer a one-step, light-cure bonding agent.

What is BondLink used for?

Many competitors’ bonding agents do not bond well to self-cured and dual-cured composite materials. BondLink is a coupling agent specifically designed for bonding single bottle bonding agents to self-cured composites.


Tenure Uni-Bond

  • “I really enjoy using Tenure Uni-Bond. It provides the strongest possible bond with one, easy step. Sensitivity has never been a problem. Thanks, Den-Mat for another great product!”

    Dr. H. G.
    Houston, TX

  • “Den-Mat's Uni-Bond is one of the easiest and most successful bonding agents I have ever used. It takes the success of Tenure and combines the ease of use of a single component system to create an unbeatable product.”

    Dr. S. M.
    Levittown, NY

  • “I have found Uni-Bond to be tremendously easy to use and enjoy the strength of my bonded restorations. My patients experience no sensitivity and there is no unpleasant taste. I am looking forward to trying the Gloss 'N' Seal-yet another unique innovation from Den-Mat.”

    Dr. R. E.
    Kearny, NJ

  • “Tenure Uni-Bond is a fast, easy to use bonding system, no acid etch required, no primer required, strong bond and no post operatory sensitivity. Easy to use for bonding the quartz post. Not bad experience at all, so far.”

    Dr. A. J.
    Toronto, Canada

  • “Excellent material. We have "never" had a bond failure with this material. Easily dispensed and very managable. We do quite a few veneers and feel very comfortable and confident that the restoration will endure. We also use this material for Class V restorations without undercuts or mechanical retention.”

    Dr. J. A.
    Knoxville, TN

  • “I was skeptical of Den-Mat's great claims of Uni-Bond's performance, so I tested the bond strength on an extracted tooth and then tried the product on patients. All claims are true. Uni-Bond is a terrific product. Thank You!”

    Dr. B. W.
    Stockton, MO

  • “While I don't restrict myself to any one manufacturer's products for all clinical applications, I just wanted to acknowledge your company after observing how many of your products I keep coming back to and using for their reliability, ease of use, and biocompatibility. Tenure Uni-Bond is another great adjunct to my bonding armamentarium. It has provided me with reliability and is quick and easy to use. I can see my assistant also likes it for its simplicity. Used with your Core Paste I can significantly reduce the time it takes to place a post and core or complete a buildup.”

    Dr. R. W.
    Philadelphia, PA

  • “Uni-Bond is a great one step etch & bond material. No sensitivity post-op.”

    Dr. J. Y.
    Catoosa, OK

  • “The use of Etch-Free Tenure has dramatically improved the placement of posterior composites. It reduces placement time and post-operative sensitivity has essentially disappeared. If you want to both decrease your chair time while increasing patient satisfaction, you need to give this product a try. In just a short time, Etch-Free Tenure will prove it's value!”

    Dr. M. B.
    Orem, UT

Kit Options

Tenure Uni-Bond System

Product # Item
030411900 Tenure Uni-Bond System

Each Kit Contains:

  • Tenure Uni-Bond A – 6mL bottle
  • Tenure Uni-Bond B – 6mL bottle
  • Gloss 'N' Seal – 3g jar
  • Dappen dishes 2 pc
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart
  • Instruction card
  • Micro Brush – 100 pc


Product # Item
030451010 Gloss 'N' Seal, 3oz

Each Kit Contains:

  • Gloss 'N' Seal – 3g jar
  • Instruction card


Product # Item
030412901 Tenure Uni-Bond SOL A Refill Kit, 6mL

Each Kit Contains:

  • Tenure Uni-Bond SOL A – 6mL Bottle
  • Instruction card


Product # Item
030412902 Tenure Uni-Bond SOL B Refill Kit, 6mL

Each Kit Contains:

  • Tenure Uni-Bond SOL B – 6mL Bottle
  • Instruction card


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