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Multi-use Hybrid with Unsurpassed Biocompatibility, Bond Strength, and Versatility

The physical properties of this unique and extremely biocompatible restorative make it the ideal material for countless procedures that you will encounter in your practice. Geristore's dual-cure, hydrophilic Bis-GMA formulation makes it the product of choice for subgingival lesions and restorations involving soft tissue: - histological biocompatibility, adherence to dentin and cementum, release of fluoride, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low polymerization shrinkage. A clinical evaluation of Geristore as a restorative material for root caries and cervical erosions showed it to be an acceptable material with 100% Alpha rating for retention, surface texture, and post-operative sensitivity. The auto-mix delivery system, with intra-oral tips, makes dispensing and placement fast and easy.


  • Class V restorations
  • Cavity lining and base material
  • Base material for cervical abrasion and erosion lesions
  • Small Class I and Class II restorations
  • Root caries lesions
  • Cement for metal/PFM restorations
  • Pulp capping for mechanical pulp exposure
  • Restoring deciduous teeth
  • Restoring and sealing overdenture abutments
  • Subgingival restorative for fractured roots and resorption lesions
  • Retrograde filling and root perforations

Product Features and Benefits

  • Hybrid ionomer composite - Combines best properties of both types of materials
  • Self-Adhesive - No need for retentive cavity design. Saves chair time and tooth structure. Speed can help ensure success with pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Syringe delivery system - Easy and simple to dispense
  • Contains Fluoride - Reduces risk for secondary decay
  • Bonds to all surfaces including: enamel, dentin, cementum, precious and non-precious metal, and old set amalgam - eliminates the need for multiple products
  • Low polymerization shrinkage and low coefficient of thermal expansion - excellent marginal integrity
  • Resistant to marginal leakage and abrasion - longer lasting, durable restorations
  • Biocompatible - years of clinically proven safety, especially subgingivally
  • Radiopaque - highly distinguishable from tooth structure in radiographs


Base and Liner
Multi-use Hybrid with Unsurpassed Biocompatibility, Bond Strength, and Versatility

Geristore used as a direct pulp-capping material

Geristore used as a direct pulp-capping material

Base Liner / Pulp Capper

Base Liner / Pulp Capper

Base and Liner

Base and Liner

1. Furcation Lesion (Before)

2. Geristore furcation restorative (immediate).

3. Restored lesion 6 month recall.

Fractured Tooth
Multi-use Hybrid with Unsurpassed Biocompatibility, Bond Strength, and Versatility

The fractured tooth.

After rinsing and drying, the smear layer is removed using Etch’N’Seal.

The “dirty” inner areas of the segment and tooth are cleaned using the PrepMaster, a disposable air abrasion unit.

After rinsing and drying, Dead Soft Matrix is placed interproximally and Tenure A & B is applied using a micro-brush, then dried (followed by Tenure S).

Geristore is syringed into the defect.

A plastic instrument is used to push the fractured segment back against the tooth.

The Geristore is allowed to self-cure and the excess is removed.

The prepared tooth. The black segmented arrow shows the fracture. The white arrows show the line of Geristore holding the core together.


What is Geristore and what sets it apart from other materials on the market?

Geristore is a self-adhering, resin ionomer formula that has over seventeen uses. Its extremely high biocompatibility factor makes it a great product for pulp capping and sub-gingival restorations. It is the only paste-paste resin ionomer material that is easier to handle than powder liquids. It has been used successfully to repair root perforations, which indicates that it is very biocompatible.

Does Geristore require the use of a bonding agent?

Geristore is a self-adhesive material. A bonding agent is not required; however, Tenure is recommended for increased bond strength. Geristore will self-adhere to enamel, dentin, composite, metal, porcelain, and gingiva.

How biocompatible is Geristore?

Geristore is amazingly biocompatible. Clinical studies show that Gingival Fibroplast Attachment reached approximately a 260% cell attachment after 72 hours.

Is Geristore simple to use?

Geristore comes in a dual-cartridge delivery system that does not require a gun. The paste-paste formulation self-mixes in the auto-mix tips provided in the kit, eliminating hand mixing. Intra-oral tips allow the material to be extruded directly into the prep area.

Why should Geristore be my material of choice for sub-gingival restorations?

Geristore is a hydrophilic Bis-GMA, enabling it to bond in the presence of moisture. Its histological biocompatibility, adherence to dentin and cementum, release of fluoride, lack of microleakage, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low polymerization shrinkage all combine to make it the restoration of choice for sub-gingival restorations.

Kit Options

Geristore Intro Kit

Product # Item  
031476110 Geristore Intro Kit
Each Kit Contains:
  • 1 5g Syringe Shade A2
  • 6 Auto-Mixing Tips
  • 6 Intraoral Tips
  • 3 Light Cure Test Rings

Geristore Syringeable Value Kit

Product # Item  
031458550 Geristore Syringeable Value Kit Shade A2
031457520 Geristore Syringeable Value Kit Shade A3
Each Kit Contains:
  • 3 10g Syringes (30g) All same shade
  • 60 Auto-Mixing Tips
  • 40 Intra-Oral Tips
  • 3 Light Cure Test Rings

Geristore Syringeable Custom Value Kit

Product # Item  
031477100 Geristore Syringeable Custom Value Kit
Each Kit Contains:
  • Choose combination of following 4 shades: A1, A2, A3 and A3.5
  • 3 10g Syringes (30g) Shades Vary
  • 60 Auto-Mixing Tips
  • 40 Intra-Oral Tips
  • 3 Light Cure Test Rings

Geristore Syringeable Kit

Product # Item  
031457500 Geristore Syringeable Kit Shade A2
031457720 Geristore Syringeable Kit Shade A3
031457730 Geristore Syringeable Kit Shade A3.5
Each Kit Contains:
  • 1 10g Syringe
  • 10 Auto-Mixing Tips
  • 10 Intraoral Tips
  • 3 Light Cure Test Rings

Individual Jars

Product # Item  
4506 Geristore A Initiator 10g
030450911 Geristore A Initiator Slow Set 10g
034522101 Geristore B Shade A1 10g
034523101 Geristore B Shade A2 10g
034524101 Geristore B Shade A3 10g
034526101 Geristore B Shade A3.5 10g



  • “Geristore is a phenomenal product. This product should be a staple in every office that treats children. It is fast and easy to use, has great self-adhering properties. You don't have to wait for Geristore to cure. It sets harder and has greater marginal integrity than Fuji. It also can be used to seal minor perforations with ease, rapidly.”

    Gregory Jacobs
    Des Plaines, IL

  • “The reason for our use of Geristore in this practice is for it's ease and the results it provides. It has an amazing ability to decrease the amount of post operative sensitivity when doing deep filings.”

    Maria Faklaris
    Norridge, IL

  • “After years of frustration with cement washout and recurrent decay, we now use Tenure AB and Infinity Cement exclusively. Just microetch, bond and place the retoration. No time wasted. Geristore and Core Paste have become a critical addition to my restorative armamentarium, especially when other products just don't cut it. The dual cure property of the DenMat products has made cleanup incredibly easy and increased my confidence in the longevity of my restorations. I love the stuff! Thanks, DenMat.”

    Thomas V Kelly
    Raleigh, NC

  • “A patient of mine had an 8 unit anterior bridge with subgingival recurrent decay on 2 of the abutments. She could not afford to replace the bridge, so I laid a flap and repaired the areas with Geristore. It healed very well and the tissue is healthy. Most of all, the patient was very grateful that the bridge could be saved.”

    Steven M Rzepecki
    Eden Prairie, MN

  • “Geristore does everything! I couldn't practice without it. I use it for a base/liner, pulp cap, subgingival restoriations, abfractions, root resorption lesions, and many more.”

    Michael Pilon, DDS
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • “Geristore is a good retention in Class V caries”

    Karia Piyush
    Lynwood, CA

  • “Geristore is fantastic! I use this awesome product for pedo restorations, subgingival repairs, and restorations, Pulp Caps when needed, and really quick repairs for emergency office visits for fractured cusps, etc. I really like the handling of Geristore, now that it is in syringe form. When we need a Quick fix - we reach for Geristore. Thanks Den-Mat.”

    David W Powell
    Golden, CO

  • “Geristore is an excellent product for use in very wet areas. Dual-Cure is great in these areas as well. The newer syringeable product is better still, my assistant and Dr. like the ease of usage.”

    Nancy Carpentiero
    East Brunswick, NJ

  • “The Geristore Syringeable System is a pleasure to use. It saves valuable operatory turn-over time. Thank you for introducing this product to us.”

    Dr. Carol Arends
    Hyannis, MA

  • “I am an Endodontist and I use Geristore Syringeable for all my repairs. When using the Geristore Syringeable for root canals, it provides a strong base and sealer, fast and easy, without the big mess.”

    Dr. Erakin
    New York, NY

  • “Geristore has been a valuable material during my eight years of service in a skilled nursing facility. One unique characteristic is above and beyond my expectations for a restorative material - soft tissue often reattaches during healing. This is important considering the number of subgingival restorations I must place.”

    Dr. Steven Sylvester
    South Holland, IL

  • “Geristore is easy to use and is useful for many different things such as: Base/Liner under fillings (amalgam or composite), Class III & IV fillings, and core build-ups. I use it regularly!”

    Dr. David Goldberg
    Floral Park, NY

  • “Geristore is a very easy product to use. It is the "Swiss Army knife" of restorative and cement materials. We have used it as a restorative material for root caries, Class V composites, primary teeth, core build-ups, and as a luting cement for ceramic restorations. Great product!”


  • “While I don't restrict myself to any one manufacturer's products for all clinical applications, I just wanted to acknowledge your company after observing how many of your products I keep coming back to and using for their reliability, ease of use, and biocompatibility. Nearly every office has its list of "must-have" products. Geristore would undoubtedly rank among these in mine. Its list of clinical applications is remarkable. Few products I can think of can perform as a cement, base, pulp-capping material, retrograde filling, or reliable sub-gingival filling material. Even that doesn't complete its list of uses. What I love most about, though, it is its high degree of biocompatibility.”

    Dr. Richard Walicki
    Philadelphia, PA

  • “Use of Infinity and Geristore has dramatically increased my productivity and income.”

    Dr. Richard Kaufman
    Glen Cove, NY

  • “I have used Geristore in close to 20 situations. It is a biocompatible material which I have used in deep preparations, in subgingival restorations, on perforated endodontic cases, and in pulp exposures. I have also used it to bond crowns and Maryland Bridges as well as space maintainers, if there ever were a dental "reality" TV series, I would bring Geristore along...”

    Dr. Michael Pilon
    Ottowa, Canada

  • “Geristore is a versatile, multi-functional dental product that is essential in our dental office. In addition to post and core build-up and esthetic Class V restorations it's luting capacity is amazing. I was having much trouble with Maryland Bridges dislodging, but no more since I started cementing with Geristore.”

    Dr. Eve James-Wilson
    Quincy, FL

  • “Geristore has been a big success with my geriatric patients!”

    Dr. Ronald J. Paler
    Westland, MI

  • “Den-Mat's Geristore is an aid in biocompatibility, stabilizing a completely avulsed, intact tooth, preventing unnecessary extraction.”

    Dr. Harry Bobotis
    Panama City, FL

  • “I have had excellent success using Geristore for subgingival and subosseous restorations!”

    Dr. Rodger Kurthy
    Mission Viejo, CA

  • “I use Geristore because of it's biocompatibility and strength. Geristore is a wonderful restorative!”

    Dr. Louis Malcmacher
    Bay Village, OH

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