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Nuance® - Subtle Made Simple

For excellent fast results, fast, Nuance® is the composite material you can rely on for beautiful, strong restorations.  In the past, natural-looking meant multi-hour restorative work, with multiple layers, multiple colors, and a lot of patience.  Nuance® gives you the ability to achieve all this, simply and with a single shade:

It’s translucent when thin and opaque when thick. One body shade can be used for the entire restoration with flawless, natural-looking results. You save time and money, and give the patient a beautiful looking tooth that you can both be proud of.

Nuance® has a pliable, buttery consistency that extrudes effortlessly and is easy to spread and shape without sticking to the composite instrument, and is available in a universal & flowable.

Nuance® composite focuses on providing a simple approach to achieving natural-looking aesthetic results. Nuance® contains proprietary multi-faceted fillers which both reflect and refract light, mimicking the opacity, translucency and optical characteristics of tooth structure. Therefore, in thinner areas, such as the incisal edge, it appears translucent, while on the main tooth body it absorbs and refracts light creating a dentin-like depth. Its chameleon-like quality makes it an accurate shade match, every time.

Additionally, Nuance® contains sub-micron filler particles to ensure optimal strength and wear-resistance for posterior teeth and superior polishability for anterior teeth, making it a truly universal composite.


Class V restoration using a single shade of Nuance®. Courtesy of MC, DDS. Fort Worth, TX


Nuance® - Clinical Images

Some Before and After images.
Class IV picture using one shade of Nuance®, courtesy of JCF, DDS, Los Angeles, CA


Class I using Nuance® courtesy of DT, DDS, Houston, TX



Product # Item
CR1135 Nuance® - A1
CR1136 Nuance® - A2
CR1137 Nuance® - A3
CR1138 Nuance® - A3.5
CR1142 Nuance® - B1
CR1143 Nuance® - B2
CR1146 Nuance® - C3
CR1140 Nuance® - BL
CR1155 Nuance® - OA2

Each Kit Contains:

  • 16 - 0.35 gram singles
  • Instructions


Product # Item
CR1101 Nuance® - A1
CR1102 Nuance® - A2
CR1103 Nuance® - A3
CR1104 Nuance® - A3.5
CR1108 Nuance® - B1
CR1109 Nuance® - B2
CR1112 Nuance® - C3
CR1106 Nuance® - BL
CR1121 Nuance® - OA2

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 - 4.0 gram syringe
  • Instructions


Product # Item
CR1217 Nuance® FLOW – A1
CR1215 Nuance® FLOW – A2
CR1214 Nuance® FLOW – A3
CR1213 Nuance® FLOW – A3.5
CR1212 Nuance® FLOW – B1
CR1211 Nuance® FLOW – B2
CR1210 Nuance® FLOW – BL1

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 – 1g Syringe
  • Instructions

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