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The tried and true flowable, now with fluoride

Virtuoso Flowable is ideal for small restorations with difficult access. It is a light-cure, low viscosity, flowable composite that has the best handling characteristics for fast and easy techniques. Its precision needle tip dispensing allows it to flow quickly for precise placement.

Clinical research shows it to have a wear rate equal to amalgam and is self-smoothing for easy finishing and polishing.

Virtuoso Flowable is available in 18 Vita Shades, including B1 for your extra-light requirements, Clear for glazing, plus a Universal Opaquer.


  • Pit & fissure sealant
  • Small restorations with difficult accessibility
  • Class III, V, VI
  • Repairing margins (including amalgams)
  • Filling in or repairing cracks
  • Small preventive occlusal restorations
  • Proximal box of Class II restorations
  • Blockout of undercuts
  • Tunnel prep filling
  • Incisal repair
  • Filling and adding to provisionals


  • Ideal, bubble-free flowable consistency
  • Wide shade range
  • Excellent color stability
  • High compressive strength
  • Contains fluoride
  • High radiopacity


Premolar with defective amalgam and caries.

The amalgam and caries are removed.

Contacts are formed with minimal flash.

Etch the preparation with Etch ‘N’ Seal.

After etchant is rinsed and surface is air dried, apply Tenure Quik single step bonding agent.

A 1mm base of Virtuoso Flowable is placed and cured in the base of the box and light cured. Virtuoso Flowable's low viscosity and fluoride release provide superior marginal adaptation and prevention of secondary decay in this difficult to access area of the preparation.

A second 1mm layer of Virtuoso Flowable is added to the area and light cured.

A third 1mm layer of Virtuoso Flowable is added to the box and floor of the cavity preparation.

A layer of Virtuoso Universal composite, Shade A2 is placed against the Flowable.

A layer of Virtuoso Universal composite, Shade A1 is placed.

Case prior to contact device and barrier removal.

A Completed case.


What is the purpose of the fluoride in Virtuoso Flowable?

Fluoride is known to prevent secondary decay from forming.

Why should a dentist use Virtuoso Flowable?

Studies have shown that Virtuoso Flowable has a statistically greater fracture toughness and a higher biaxial flexural strength than competitors.

What restorative should I select for incisal repair?

Virtuoso Flowable flows quickly and easily into the most difficult to reach areas. It has a wear rate equal to amalgam. It is a light cured, low viscosity resin composite with smooth, easy handling characteristics for fast and easy techniques. Virtuoso Flowable is a hybrid composite, combining barium glass and fumed silica with a submicron particle size, achieving the optimum in strength and esthetics. It also contains fluoride for added protection.

What is the difference between composites and traditional silver fillings?

Traditional silver fillings are called amalgams. A composite is a mixture of glass and resin and gives a tooth colored restoration. The size and type of the glass determines the strength of the composite and also determines the beauty or esthetics of the restoration.

What does radiopaque mean?

If a composite material is radiopaque, this indicates that the restoration will be easily identified in radiographs (x-rays). Barium glass are glass particles coated with Barium metal. This is what causes the material to be radiopaque.


Virtuoso Flowable

  • “Our office loves the Virtuoso Flowable because it can be used in almost all procedures! They have stopped using other products!”


  • “Virtuoso Flowable is the only product this office uses for those hard to reach restorations since it flows smoothly and quickly!”


  • “I like Virtuoso Flowable for my little patients because it is quick and easy and has a wear rate equal to amalgam!”


  • “I love Virtuoso Flowable a lot! It has a great consistency! Virtuoso doesn't compare with other flowables that I have tried!”


  • “We like using Virtuoso Flowable for fillings, crowns and bridges! We love the way the Flowable gets between the cracks on the fillings and would never use any other product!”


  • “I will only use Virtuoso Flowable! I have tried generic and by far Virtuoso is the best for curing. It sets very hard and is easy to use! Applications are great for margin repairs and undercuts!”


  • “I use Virtuoso Flowable in the Clear shade over the top of all my restorations. It looks beautiful and it works wonderfully! It adds natural beauty and luster to all my restorations and blends perfectly with the tooth.”


  • “I love Virtuoso Flowable composite. The shades are excellent, ease of use superb, with very little need to polish. It's a product that I highly recommend.”


  • “Love to use Virtuoso Flowable for pits and fissures. Repairing fractures on veneers and for the various color choices.”


  • “I really like Virtuoso Flowable for those small restorations with difficult access.”


  • “I like the Virtuoso Flowable handling characteristics, esthetics and strength.”


  • “I want to let you know that flowable composite is the best out there, I will never change it.”


  • “I like the Virtuoso Flowable because I can get so many shades and it's very easy to use.”


  • “I love the Flowable composite. I even use it to place veneers, not many. I normally don't do any cosmetic, but I had an emergency case and Flowable came in handy.”


  • “We really love the Flowable and how easy it is to use and gets to hard to reach areas.”


  • “I like Virtuoso Flowable's esthetics and handling characteristics.”


  • “I rave about Virtuoso Flowable composite. It handles excellent and I can use it for small Class ii's without adjustment.”


  • “We are so excited about Virtuoso Flowable, we are looking for something with a natural tooth color, but it is still as strong as silver amalgam. I will be delighted to try it on my patients.”


  • “Im sure not running out of Virtuoso! Doctor uses it everyday, and it seems to find satisfaction in getting good resultsfrom it.”


  • “I like the Virtuoso Flowable because it is easy to use for repairing and filling cracks in the teeth.”


  • “It is very esthetic easy to use and holds up. I work with the state programs and helps patients that can not afford composites restorations. I am able to use several of den-mat's products, that is covering in the state programs.”


  • “I use Flowable for all class iii restorations.”


  • “Dr. loves that it stays where you place it but still moves easily when he works with it in the prep.”


  • “We love Virtuoso Flowable! It's strong and it looks great! Saves time and money”


  • “The Dr. likes the Virtuoso Flow because its so easy to use and it's small partial size.”


  • “Virtuoso has worked very well as a flowable composite and the shades are great.”


Kit Options

Virtuoso Flowable 15 pc Custom Kit

Product # Item
030381800 Virtuoso Flowable Custom Kit 15pc


Each Kit Contains:

  • Choose 15 of the available shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4, Clear and Opaque
  • Syringe tips 20G/80 pc
  • Light cure test rings 3 pc
  • BondLink Bond Enhancer
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart
  • Instruction Card

Virtuoso Flowable 4 pc Custom Kit

Product # Item
032381810 Virtuoso Custom Flowable Kit4pc

Each Kit Contains:

  • Choose 4 of the available shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4, Clear and Opaque
  • Syringe tips 20G/20 pc
  • Light cure test rings 1 pc
  • BondLink Bond Enhancer
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart
  • Instruction Card

Virtuoso Flowable 4 pc Refill Kit

Product # Item
030382800 Virtuoso Flowable Intro Kit (Shades A2, A3, B3, C3)
032381820 Virtuoso Flowable Refill Kit Shade A1
032381815 Virtuoso Flowable Refill Kit Shade A2
032381825 Virtuoso Flowable Refill Kit Shade A3
032381830 Virtuoso Flowable Refill Kit Shade A3.5
032381835 Virtuoso Flowable Refill Kit Shade B1

Each Kit Contains:

  • 4 - 1g syringes of flowable

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