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"A Highly Polishable Universal Composite that Cures Faster than Ever."

Virtuoso Universal offers esthetics, high polishability and optimal handling - all in one formula. The innovative micro-hybrid technology from the clinically proven, award-winning Virtuoso family of advanced restoratives is a true universal restorative material for anterior and posterior applications.
Virtuoso Universal is worry-free and easily polishes to a tooth-like luster, making it indistinguishable from the tooth for years to come.


  • Restoration of anterior and posterior teeth
  • Class I and II restorations
  • Direct composite veneers

  • Exceptional esthetics
  • Wear and stain resistant
  • Wide shade range
  • Superb polishability


"Shades blend well - I am pleasantly surprised at how nice they look."

First molar with defective amalgam restoration.

Tooth following amalgam and caries removal. Retentive cavity design is not indicated with Virtuoso Flowable.

Apply Tenure Uni-bond (Self Etching Bonding Agent) to the preparation.
NOTE: Etchant is required if bonding to uncut enamel.

Apply Gloss-N-Seal on the preparation and light cure.

Syringe, pack and cure Dentin Shade (A3.5) Virtuoso Universal into the preparation at 2mm increments until aprox 1mm short of the preparation margins.

Syringe and fill the remaining preparation using the appropriate shade of Virtuoso Universal to match surrounding surfaces.

Gross removal of excess Virtuoso Universal.

Fine removal of Virtuoso Universal.

Fine sculpting of anatomy details.

Light cure restoration.

Restoration after adjusting the occlusion and polishing.


What is the difference between composites and traditional silver fillings?

Traditional silver fillings are called amalgams. A composite is a mixture of glass and resin and gives a tooth colored restoration. The size and type of the glass determines the strength of the composite and also determines the beauty or esthetics of the restoration.

What is the best product to transition to if amalgams is what I'm used to?

Try Virtuoso Universal. It is a non-sticky, micro-hybrid, universal composite developed as an alternative to amalgam. Divided, individual capsules provide easy delivery and ease of use. It eliminates the chance of possible contamination and excessive waste. In addition, a wide range of shades allows for excellent esthetics in posterior restorations.

What does radiopaque mean?

If a composite material is radiopaque, this indicates that the restoration will be easily identified in radiographs (x-rays). Barium glass are glass particles coated with Barium metal. This is what causes the material to be radiopaque.


Virtuoso Universal

"I really enjoy the Virtuoso Universal. I like the convenience of being able to use one product for beautiful anterior and posterior restorations."
Dr. PW
Philadelphia, PA

"I am very happy to have tried Virtuoso Universal Composite A2. Good working ability and great looks! I will switch from Prisma TPH"
Dr. PW
Philadelphia, PA

"These award winning restorative materials provide total vitality, ease of placement, and polishability that mimics adjacent enamel."
Chicago, IL

"I like Virtuoso Universal because it is easy to mold and soft to work with in both anterior and posterior regions!"

Virtuoso Universal

Product # Item
030381950 Virtuoso Universal Intro Kit


Each Kit Contains:

  • Virtuoso Universal A3.5 10pc
  • Virtuoso Universal Enamel 10pc
  • Virtuoso Universal A2 10pc
  • Tenure Uni-Bond A
  • Tenure Uni-Bond B
  • Virtuoso Flowable Syringe A2
  • Dish Dappen 1pc
  • Light Curing Test Ring3pc
  • Syringe Tip Black 20G/ 5pc
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart

Virtuoso Universal Refills

Product # Item
030381953 Virtuoso Universal A2 10 Piece
030381954 Virtuoso Universal C2 10 Piece
030381955 Virtuoso Universal C1 10 Piece
030381956 Virtuoso Universal B1 10 Piece
030381957 Virtuoso Universal B0 10 Piece
030381958 Virtuoso Universal A3 10 Piece
030381959 Virtuoso Universal A1 10 Piece
030381960 Virtuoso Universal B2 10 Piece
030381951 Virtuoso Universal A3.5 10 Piece
030381952 Virtuoso Universal Enamel 10 Piece


Each Kit Contains:

  • 10 Capsules of designated shade
  • Instruction Card

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