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2005 Reality Four-Star Award                    2005 Dental Townie Choice Awards

Core Paste® XP Syringe has the same strength and excellent handling characteristics of original Core Paste®, with over 29 years of clinical success. The auto-mixing syringe is easy to use and creates up to 60% less waste than cartridge systems that require a dispensing gun. The stackable viscosity allows you to build up without a matrix or core form and the dual-cure formula gives you the confidence of a self-cure with the option of light-curing to speed the procedure.

Core Paste® XP Syringe is a creamy, radiopaque paste developed specifically for high-strength, reliable, core build-ups. When there is insufficient tooth structure available for a fixed prosthesis, Core Paste® XP Syringe provides the added strength and stability needed for long-term clinical success.

Core Paste® XP Syringe is available in Enamel and White, and White with Fluoride. Core Paste® XP Syringe is also available with fluoride for added protection.

"I have used a few of these other 'highly-rated' popular core materials you see advertised and let me tell you, Core Paste® is the best material on the market." -Dr. George Diaz, Long Beach, CA

"Core Paste® is in a league of its own for core build-ups!"


  • Core build-ups
  • Integral post and core procedures
  • Cementation of posts
  • Repairing and preventing split roots
  • Esthetic posterior restorations


  • Dual-cure Formula
  • Auto-mixing syringe delivery
  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • Enamel and White shades
  • Radiopaque


  • Assures complete polymerization in all situations.
  • Eliminates hand mixing; less waste than cartridge/gun systems.
  • Stackable viscosity and syringes easily; cuts like dentin.
  • Enamel shade enhances the esthetics of translucent restorations.
    White shade is easily distinguished from tooth structure.
  • Easily distinguishable in radiographs.


The true measure of value is reliability

Remove all decay and make the necessary preparation for the core build-up.

Remove any eugenol or root canal sealer contaminant with Dry Bond from the preparation.

Rinse and air dry.

Etch the tooth with Etch’N’Seal, Den-Mat’s 25% Phosphoric Acid medium viscosity etchant with .05% Aluminum Oxide for decreased sensitivity..

Once you have completely rinsed and dried the echant from the preparation, apply 3-5 coats of Tenure MPB bonding agent to the preparation.

NOTE: See the Tenure Product Page for complete instructions.

  • Align the straight edge of the auto mixing housing with the small flange
  • Push the mixing tip onto the syringe
  • Attach the intraoral tip firmly (If necessary)
  • Preparation of the Auto-Mix Syringe

NOTE: You must extrude a pea-sized amount of material after placing the mixing tip on the syringe - discard this material. This is crucial to ensure that Infinity Syringable sets properly. Repeat this step each time a mixing tip is placed on the syringe.

Syringe the Core Paste® directly into the preparation

NOTE: Please see instructions available on the website for the type of Core Paste delivery system that you have for correct material preparation instructions.

Insert the Core Post®.

NOTE: Carbon fiber posts are recommended for posterior restorations given their increased strength, and glass fiber posts are recommended for anterior restorations given their increased esthetics.

Light cure the Core Paste®.

Use a 557 carbide burr to remove the post at the surface of the core build-up.

Use a crown preparation diamond burr to finish the core build-up.

Buccal view of final crown preparation.


Will my bonding agent work with Core Paste?

There are bonding agents on the market that do not work with self-cure composites. Contact your bonding agent’s manufacturer if you are uncertain if the product is compatible with self-cure composites. Tenure is the best bonding agent to use with Core Paste® due to years of clinical success. Tenure was specially developed to give you the strongest bond when using Core Paste®. Tenure will also be compatible with any light, self, or dual-curing materials in your office, and so would be a great addition to your practice.

What is the advantage to using Core Paste® over amalgam?

Amalgam presents a mercury hazard. Additionally, the color is not esthetic. It requires two office visits and does not bond to the tooth. With composite materials, a one-visit build-up can be achieved. Additionally, it bonds to the tooth, is ready to prepare in 5-10 minutes, can be tooth colored, cuts like dentin, can be applied freehand or matrix/core form, and is less likely to cause root fracture.

What is Core Paste and what delivery systems are available?

Core Paste® is a composite resin system that has high compressive strength and simple placement characteristics. It is available in jars, syringeable (auto-mixing, dual-barrel syringes used with a dispensing gun), and XP a self-contained, dual barrel mixing syringe (no gun required). All of these delivery systems are a paste/paste formulation.

What is the main benefit of Core Paste® XP?

Core Paste® XP makes the procedure Faster, Easier and Better. The stackable viscosity eliminates the need for matrix or core forms. It is also a dual-cure material available in white and enamel shades. It results in 60% less waste than cartridge systems and requires no mixing, no mess.

What does the phrase "cuts like dentin" mean?

The diamond won’t jack-rabbit at the transition from tooth to core, causing ditching or an irregular surface.

Why use Core-Posts?

The Core-Post® was designed to flex with teeth under normal conditions eliminating tooth stress and fractures that can occur with a standard metal post.

How do I know when to use the carbon fiber posts versus the glass fiber posts?

Select glass-fiber posts for anterior teeth where esthetics are paramount and a tooth-colored core is needed. The low modulus of elasticity is similar to dentin and allows for flexure without root fracture. Carbon-fiber posts have an increased strength and modulus of elasticity that allow their use in select posterior as well as anterior cases.


Core Paste XP

  • “The ability to prep an enamel strength build-up 5-10 seconds for curing is amazing. Syringeable Core Paste® has become invaluable in my office by both intraoral procedures and reducing caries. Both myself and the patient are happy, it's a win-win!!”

    Victoria K Grannan-Manchen
    Elmhurst, IL

  • “Core Paste® XP syringeable has increased our ability to do build-ups quicker, saves paste with the smaller tip, and is economical. It is a great product. We love it in our dental practice. Thanks Den-Mat.”

    Lynn Medeiros
    Keaau, HI

  • “After years of frustration with cement washout and recurrent decay, we now use Tenure AB and Infinity Cement exclusively. Just microetch, bond and place the retoration, no time wasted. Geristore and Core Paste have become a critical addition to my restorative armamentarium, especially when other products just don't cut it. The dual cure property of the Den-Mat products has made clean-up incredibly easy and increased my confidence in the longevity of my restorations. I love the stuff! Thanks, Den-Mat.”

    Thomas V Kelly
    Raleigh, NC

  • “The Core Paste® is comparable to other good products and is easy to cure and has a good finish.”

    Piyush Karia
    Lynwood, CA

  • “Core Paste® has been a great addition to my dental practice. Formerly I have done posts/cores and build-ups and then rescheduled the patient for the prep appointment. Now it saves the patient an appointment and lowers our overhead as we do it all in one visit! The strength, ease of use and procedure are unsurpassed. Thanks Den-Mat!”

    Dr. David Powell
    Golden, CO

  • “Very fast, sensitivity few and far between. We enjoy the lack of regression using this product. Love the packaging.”

    Dr. Butler

  • “I have used a few of these other 'highly rated' popular core materials you see advertised everywhere and let me tell you Core Paste® is the best material on the market, due to its restorative properties and excellent flouride release.”

    Dr.George Diaz
    Long Beach, CA

  • “Core Paste® is one of the best core materials I've ever used. Also, work time and set time are excellent, and very easy to use.”

    Dr. Amit Puri
    Toronto, Ontario

  • “I have been using the catalyst mixed core material for eight years. I have always been dissatisfied with the wait and the waste of these materials. I recently switched to the auto-mix (Core Paste® XP) and have alleviated a source of frustration and waste. If you have not switched yet, you're wasting valuable time and money.”

    Dr.Kevin P. Cochran
    Springfield, OH

  • “I love using Core Paste® with Fluoride Initiator. I used Core Paste a few years ago, tried something new, but came back to Core Paste. I put it in, squish it down, and in a minute or two I am done. I like the rapid set and the self cure, without hassling with lights, and it works great with my bonding agent. I would recommend Core Paste to any doctor who asks.”

    Dr. Richard Hack
    Appleton, WI

  • “Thank you for you recent information on the syringeable Core Paste®. I have been practicing 33 years privately and also practiced 2 years in the Service. I do not know the exact year I actually started to use the product, but I do know that it was early on. I recently took some old porcelain fused to metal crowns off anterior teeth to replace with all ceramic restorations. They have been in place for at least twenty years. Several teeth were root canals with post and core build-ups with Core Paste®. To my surprise and satisfaction, the Core Paste and preps were the same in quality as when they were placed. I have never strayed to another build-up material and I am very happy about that decision. Thank you for such a good product. I advise you not to change it in any way.”

    Dr. Larry Weeks
    Shreveport, LA

  • “Core Paste® materials have been a very useful product to use. The ease of mixing application and the strength after setting an important procedure in my practice. Using this product for post cementation, core build-up have improved my final restoration.”

    Dr. Raffic Mackie
    Dearborn, MI

  • “As a solo practitioner, our office routinely provides approximately 60-80 units of Crown and Bridge per month. We use Den-Mat Enamel Shade Core Paste® on 99% of the cases, and in the past five years, have had only 2 failures. We attribute our success rate largely to Den-Mat Core Paste® which allows us to provide the highest level of Crown and Bridge resorations for our patients.”

    Dr. Allen Prevette
    Charlotte, NC

  • “My associates and I have been using Core Paste® for several years and have been very satisfied. We've found it to be very easy to use and quite strong once cured. We routinely use it for crown build ups and to cement posts.”

    Dr. William Dobrin
    Gurnee, IL

  • “I have been practicing dentistry for 30 years. About 15 years ago I started using Core Paste®. Today it is the only material that I still use from that period. It is easy to use, sets well, withstands the forces of the mouth, and is reliable! I like the color options and set times and the fact that it will bond to several different systems!”

    Dr. Michael Fink
    Hanover, PA

  • “I've tried many other systems but Den-Mat's Core Paste® is the industry standard. It sets like a rock and saves time because it's so easy to use.”

    Dr. Louis Malcmacher
    Bay Village, OH

Kit Options

Core Paste® XP

Product # Item
030652110 Core Paste® XP Enamel w/Fluoride
030653110 Core Paste® XP Enamel
030654110 Core Paste XP White
030655110 Core Paste® XP White w/Fluoride

Each Kit Contains:

  • 4 10g Syringes (40g)
  • 40 Auto-mix tips
  • 40 Clear intra-oral tips
  • 6 18 Gauge intra-oral tips
  • Tenure A&B bonding agent
  • Etch’N’Seal®
  • 3 Light cure test rings

Core Paste® Syringeable

Product # Item
030625100 Core Paste® White w/Fluoride Self-Cure
030635100 Core Paste® White Self-Cure
030645100 Core Paste® Enamel Dual-Cure
030625500 Core Paste® White w/Fluoride Self-Cure w/Gun
030635500 Core Paste White Self-Cure w/Gun
030645500 Core Paste® Enamel Dual-Cure w/Gun

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 - Dual chamber syringe 50g
  • 20 -Auto-mix tips
  • 20 -Intra-oral tips
  • 3 - Light cure test rings
  • BondLink bond enhancer 6mL
  • Mixing Pad

Core Paste® Jars

Product # Item
030612525 Core Paste® White Quick Set w/Fluoride
030622100 Core Paste® White w/Fluoride
030593121 Core Paste Enamel
030599105 Core Paste® Enamel w/Fluoride
030616325 Core Paste® Enamel Quick Set w/Fluoride
030617325 Core Paste® Blue Self-Cure
6100 Core Paste® White

Each Kit Contains:

  • Core Paste A jar 25g
  • Core Paste B jar 25g
  • 25 Centrix tips and plugs
  • 10 Mixing sticks
  • 6 mL BondLink bond enhancer
  • Mixing Pad
  • 3 Light cure test rings

Core Paste XP Intro Kit

Product # Item
030657110 Core Paste XP Enamel with /Fluoride Intro Kit

Intro Kit Contains:

  • 2 - 5g Core Paste Enamel with Fluoride syringes
  • 6 - Auto-mix Tips
  • 6 Clear intra-oral tips
  • 3 Light cure test rings


Product # Item
030653105 XP Clear Intra-Oral Tips (10pc)
030777615 XP Auto-Mixing Tips (10pc)
030593121 Syringeable Auto-Mixing Tips (20pc)
030599105 Syringeable Dispensing Gun
030057301 Centrix Tips and Plugs Orange

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