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Prevent tooth stress and fractures

The physical properties of Core-Post are matched with tooth structure and designed to flex with teeth under normal conditions. Eliminate tooth stress and fractures that can occur with standard metal posts. Carbon fiber posts and glass fiber posts are available in 5 diameters: 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7 and 2.0 mm.

The Dental Advisor

Reviewed by the dental advisor 88% of the consultants rated Core-Post as good as, or better than, the product they were currently using. The clinicians also highly rated the ease of cutting the posts to the proper length and the ease of placing and cementing the posts when using Core Paste Syringeable.


  • Single tooth post restoration


  • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin
  • Exceptional physical properties
  • Physiochemical compatibility between, post, cement, dentin, and core
  • Easy to use and cut
  • Economical
  • Radiopaque
  • Available in carbon fiber for added posterior strength, or glass fiber for anterior esthetics


What is a Core-Post?

A post that flexes like natural tooth structure used in core build-up when needed or for added strength.

Why use Core-Posts?

The Core Post was designed to flex with teeth under normal conditions, thus eliminating tooth stress and fractures that can occur with a standard metal post. They have nearly identical coefficient of thermal expansion and modulus of elasticity to dentin, which allows them to exhibit such ideal physical characteristics.

How do I know when to use the Carbon Fiber Posts versus the Glass Fiber Posts?

Select glass-fiber posts for anterior teeth where esthetics are paramount and a tooth-colored core is needed. The low modulus of elasticity is similar to dentin and allows for flexure without root fracture. Carbon-fiber posts have an increased strength and modulus of elasticity that allow their use in select posterior as well as anterior cases.

Are Core-Posts radiopaque?

Yes. Core-Posts are visible on radiographs.

How are Core Posts available?

Core Posts are available in glass or carbon fiber posts, each of which is available in the following sizes: 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, and 2.0mm. Core Posts are sold in a value kit (50 posts), and in a single vial kit (10 posts) of one size per kit. There is also an Intro Kit available, which contains 2 carbon posts (1mm and 1.5mm) and 2 glass posts (1mm and 1.5mm).

What types of awards has Core-Post received?

88% of THE DENTAL ADVISOR consultants rated Core-Post as good as, or better, than the post system they are using. It was awarded the highest rating from THE DENTAL ADVISOR.



  • “I really like your Core-Posts because of their strength and flexibility.”


  • “ I love the strength of the Core-Post and that it bends with the tooth.”


  • “ We order more Core-Post. I really enjoy using the Value Kit.”


  • “ I am a big fan of the fiber posts. The ease of use is a big plus.”


  • “ I really like the posts used with Core Paste and Uni-Bond it makes a durable, long-lasting build-up.”


  • “I love Core-Post. It handles well and cuts like tooth structure.”


  • “I love Core-Post because of its elasticity. Both the shape and the structure are great!”


  • “I read an article about your Core-Posts and I was very excited to try them out. I am even happier with the promo you have and I have heard of your Core Paste XP as well.”


  • “I love the flex of the post, easy to place and with Core Paste, is the best.”


  • “I received a sample of Core-Post in the past / love the ease of use and called to order economy pack.”


  • “I really like Core-Posts, the different sizes and ability to change from fiber to glass.”


  • “When doing build-ups I used to cast my own posts. After trying Den-Mat's fiber posts and using in conjuction with syringeable Core Paste, I have cut the required appointment times from two to just one, saving both time and money.”


  • “I love the core posts due to I love how flexible they are. Nice to work with especially on incisal anterior. Brassler's posts are too stiff and break the tooth.”


  • “I love the FIBER POSTS. They are the best for my practice. They are easy to use and work great w/ Gates Glidden drills and they make my post and core build-ups easier to do.”


  • “Core-Posts are the best posts for doctors' patients. They want to stay away from metal posts.”

    L & R

  • “The office loves the Core-Post. Doctor using a lot”

    DJW, DDS

  • “I love the post system very easy to use”


  • “Called to re-order fiber posts because Dr loves them.”


  • “Dr likes our Fiber Post. Tried it not too long ago, has been comparing it with other posts, and in the process of switching.”


Kit Options


Product # Item  
033637000 Core Post Value Kit
Each Kit Contains:
  • (5) 1.0mm glass fiber posts
  • (5) 1.2mm glass fiber posts
  • (5) 1.4mm glass fiber posts
  • (5) 1.7mm glass fiber posts
  • (5) 2.0mm glass fiber posts
  • (5) 1.0mm carbon fiber posts
  • (5) 1.2mm carbon fiber posts
  • (5) 1.4mm carbon fiber posts
  • (5) 1.7mm carbon fiber posts
  • (5) 2.0mm carbon fiber posts
  • All-Surface Bonding Chart
  • Instruction Card
Product # Item  
033625000 Core Post Intro Kit
Each Kit Contains:
  • (1) 1.0mm glass fiber posts
  • (1) 1.2mm glass fiber posts
  • (1) 1.4mm glass fiber posts
  • (1) 1.7mm glass fiber posts

Core Post Individual 10pc

Product # Item  
033643010 CORE POST CARBON 1.0mm KIT 10pc
033645010 CORE POST CARBON 1.4mm KIT 10pc
033646010 CORE POST CARBON 1.7mm KIT 10pc
033647010 CORE POST CARBON 2.0mm KIT 10pc
033638010 CORE POST GLASS 1.0mm KIT 10pc
033639010 CORE POST GLASS 1.2mm KIT 10pc
033640010 CORE POST GLASS 1.4mm KIT 10pc
033641010 CORE POST GLASS 1.7mm KIT 10pc
033642010 CORE POST GLASS 2.0mm KIT 10pc
033644010 CORE POST CARBON 1.2mm KIT 10pc

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