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VELScope Vantage


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DenMat is exclusive global distributor for VELscope Vantage® supplies

DenMat is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term exclusive agreement with LED Medical Diagnostics, Inc. as the exclusive global distributor for the VELscope Vantage supplies, including all responsibility for sales and marketing. As the most powerful technology available for assisting in the discovery of oral mucosal abnormalities, VELscope plays a key role in the early discovery of such abnormalities, which can be critically important in the fight against oral cancer. Click for more information...

About the VELscope Vantage

The VELscope® Vantage System, a revolutionary hand-held device that provides dentists, hygienists, and other oral health care professionals with an easy-to-use adjunctive mucosal examination system for the early detection of abnormal tissue, has been replaced by the VELscope Vx. Call DenMat at (800) 433-6628 for upgrading to the Vx.

For additional information please visit velscope.com

DenMat & VELscope Partnership

ANSWERS to commonly asked questions

1. When will this transition begin and how long is it expected to last?
During September, responsibility for the sale and distribution of these products will transition from Velscope to DenMat. In the near-term, all sales and customer service functions will remain with Velscope. Beginning in October, customers will be able to begin purchasing all of these products exclusively from DenMat by calling (800) 433-6628.

2. When I need to place my next order, how will I know which company to contact?
New orders should be placed with DenMat by calling (800) 433-6628. .

3. How long will I continue to be able to place product orders on Velscope’s website? Does DenMat have a similar on-line ordering system and, if so, when will I be able to order from DenMat?
• Orders will not be accepted by Velscope after October 1st.
• Orders can be placed with DenMat via phone after October 1st. Online orders can be placed through www.denmat.com after October 12th.

4. Does DenMat plan to offer hands-on workshops, or integrate the new portfolio into their current course curriculum?
• Yes. DenMat plans to integrate the new Velscope portfolio into its existing course curriculum.
• For more information please visit www.ascredu.org.

5. Will the current Velscope part numbers (SKU’s) remain the same or will they be changed to a DenMat numbering system? If a change will be made, how will I be notified?
DenMat will have new part numbers, which will be listed on www.denmat.com under the VELscope product page.

6. What effect will this change have on timing of the delivery of current Velscope orders? What about those ordered in the near future?
• Orders that were placed with Velscope before October 1st will be shipped from Velscope.
• New orders placed with DenMat after October 1st will ship via ground from Santa Maria, CA. beginning on October 15th.
• We greatly appreciate your patience during this transition period.

7. If I have a warranty issue or return already in progress, how will this be handled? For issues and returns on products that I had previously purchased from Velscope, which company should I contact?
• For Customer Service issues before October 14th please contact VELscope at (888) 541-4616.
• DenMat will handle all warranty claims, returns and credit requests received after October 15th. Please call 800-433-6628.

8. Will Velscope’s return and warranty policies be honored by DenMat, or will the products that I previously purchased from Velsope be transferred to DenMat’s terms and conditions? What are the terms and conditions of DenMat’s warranty and return policies?
• DenMat will honor the existing warranties of all products sold by Velscope.
• To view DenMat’s ordering and shipping policy, visit http://www.denmat.com/Ordering_Shipping_Policy_-_Products

9. Will the price of any of the Velscope products change in the near future?
DenMat will continue selling all products at the same prices subject to DenMat’s customary price review from time-to-time.

10. Will any Velscope products be discontinued or changed? If so, how much notice will be given before a product change or discontinuation takes place?
• Most, if not all, of the products will continue to be available. There may be several obsolete and/or redundant products that will be discontinued; however, this determination has not yet been made.
• Your DenMat sales representative will advise you of either product changes or discontinuations.
• DenMat is committed to maintaining continuity of product quality and will be utilizing the same materials, quality standards, manufacturing practices and suppliers to produce the Velscope Vx.

11. If I need a sales representative to visit my office for technical support or service, how long will my current Velscope representative be available and will they be replaced by a DenMat representative?
Technical support and service will transition to DenMat’s sales and customer service teams on October 1st.

12. Will I need to set up a new account with DenMat or will my Velscope account be transferred?
Yes, if you do not have a DenMat account you will need to set up a new account. Your DenMat sales representative will assist you with account set-up, which is a quick and simple procedure.

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