Paint-On Dental Dam Kit Blue

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Essential products for every cosmetic case

Paint-On Dental Dam, a light-cure resin paste, will help protect gingival tissue from chemical agents. Ideal for use with One-Hour whitening, it can also be used as a spacer when making bleaching tray reservoirs.

Paint-On Dental Dam is a helpful tool recommended for LUMINEERS placement. Before bonding, syringe Paint-On Dental Dam on the lingual side of the interproximals covering the gums and teeth thoroughly. This will make your clean-up easier, faster, better!


Essential products for every cosmetic case.

Apply Paint-On Dental Dam to gingiva to isolate gums around selected teeth.


How can Paint-On Dental Dam make my LUMINEERS placement, clean-up, and finishing Faster, Easier and Better?

By placing Paint-On Dental Dam on the lingual side of the interproximals covering the gums and teeth, this will make clean up faster, easier, and better. The Paint-On Dental Dam will prevent the excess luting composite (Ultra-Bond) from hardening on the tooth structure, significantly shortening clean-up time.

How is the Paint-On Dental Dam removed?

Cured Paint-On Dental Dam has a rubbery texture that allows it to be easily peeled away once your dental procedure is complete.


Paint-On Dental Dam

"We like the blue dental dam here at the office because it is much easier to see than the white. It makes it easier to see where it is placed and be sure that it is cured completely because no one wants a dam leak."

J Thomas Jumper

"Paint-On Dental Dam is easy to work with"

Dr. Antenucci

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