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LUMIBRITE® - Discover the best value in take-home whitening

Every patient’s smile is unique- that is why the Lumibrite® system gives you two great options for whitening every smile. Whether your patients seek immediate results with chairside whitening or prefer the convenience of take-home, DenMat has the right solution.

Take-Home Whitening

Up to 9 Shades!
Lumibrite® Take-Home is proven to whiten smiles in 1-2 weeks. Choose either 16%, 22% or 32% carbamide peroxide concentrations in mint or fruit flavors to meet the specific needs and preferences of your patients.

Kit Type Applications Contents
Standard Kit 6 Syringes (18 dual-arch applications)
  • 6 Whitening Syringes, 2.5 mL ea
  • Mouth guard case
  • Resin Sheets
Refill Kit 12 syringes (36 dual-arch applications)
  • 12 Whitening Syringes, 2.5 mL ea


Whiter smiles up to 7 shades in just 30 minutes without sensitivity.
The slideshow below is an overview of the techniques necessary.

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  • Take before images to record beginning shade.

  • To fabricate the custom mouthguard take an impression of the arch to be whitened.

  • Immediately pour a fast-setting stone model. After the model has set, trim the base to make it as thin as possible.

  • Place a thin layer of Paint on Dental Dam on stone model and light cure.

  • Place resin mouthguard material into the resin holder on the upper part of the vacuum former.

  • Place stone model in the center of the vacuum former.

  • Allow resin sheet to heat until it drops 1” from the resin holder.

  • Activate vacuum switch and lower resin sheet onto the model. When cooled, remove it from the vacuum former. 

  • Remove resin from the model.

  • Remove excess resin from around the gum line.

  • Check the fit of the trimmed mouthguard to the stone model.

  • Instruct the patient to apply a thin layer of Whitening gel to the labial surface of the mouthguard.

  • Instruct patient to place mouthguard onto teeth to be bleached. 

  • Instruct patient to wear the whitening trays in compliance with their respective concentration.


What is the difference between carbamide and hydrogen peroxides?

Carbamide peroxide is approximately 1/3 of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. The Professional Take-Home Kits are a carbamide formulation. The Professional Chairside kits are hydrogen peroxide.

How does peroxide whiten teeth?

When peroxide breaks down (either on its own, or accelerated with a light) it forms oxygen bubbles that get down into the microscopic pores of the tooth to clean out stains.

Will tetracycline stains whiten with tray kits or in-office whitening?

Intrinsic stains (stains inside the tooth, often caused by medications) are more difficult to whiten than extrinsic stains (surface stains, generally caused by smoking, coffee, red wine, etc.). However, good whitening results can be achieved with either system. Lengthier whitening sessions, higher concentrations of peroxide, or multiple treatments will help to achieve better results. Each patient is different and results will vary. If whitening does not produce the desired results, LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers may be a better option.

How white will the teeth get?

Each patient is different. There is not a way to determine before the procedure what type of shade change will result. Each patient should be informed of this before treatment begins.

What percentages are available with the Professional Whitening Systems?

The Professional Take-Home kits are available in 16%, 22% and 32% Carbamide peroxide formulations. The Professional Chairside Kits are a 35% Hydrogen peroxide formulation.

Is it necessary to use a light with the Professional Chairside System?

The Professional Chairside Kits may be used with or without a light. However, we recommend the Sapphire Plasma Arc Light. Achieve over a seven-shade change in 30 minutes or up to a 12-shade change in an hour!

Is sensitivity an issue with the Professional Whitening Kits?

The Professional Whitening System is specially formulated to eliminate sensitivity and a recent study by the University of Buffalo reported no patient sensitivity.

Kit Options


Professional Take Home Whitening System

Product # Item  
034349145 22% Fruit
034339145 22% Mint
034239145 32% Fruit
034139145 32% Mint
034369145 16% Fruit
034359145 16% Mint

Each Kit Contains:


Refill Kits

Product # Item  
034348725 22% Fruit
034338725 22% Mint
034238725 32% Fruit
034138725 32% Mint
034368625 16% Fruit
034358625 16% Mint
Each Kit Contains:



  • “I am always ready to try anything to whiten my teeth. I have tried strips and different products but had tremendous sensitivity and never much of a color change. With LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening, I got a 6 shade lift with no sensitivity. We are all impressed with LUMIBRITE® Whitening!”

    Deborah Turner
    Higganum, CT

  • “I have used LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening and experienced no sensitivity with a very big difference. It is fast with great results. I recommend LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening.”

    Marie Bowmoux

  • “LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening is easy to use with no sensitivity! I have smoker stains and whitened 3 shades in one session. I love it.”

    Alice McGee

  • “LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening is so easy to use. Our patients reported no sensitivity and were impressed with the results!"”

    Dr. Lidia Marmurek Epel

  • “I have used a couple of whitening products, but haven't been able to use them for more than a day or two. I was able to use this without any problems.”

    J.G. Stollings

  • “I love how fast LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening works and the short time decreases the chance of whitening sensitivity. We are getting great results.”

    Daniel J. Burton
    Grand Rapids, MI

  • “One of our teenage patients used LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. His mom called to say that he was tickled pink with the results and he can't quit smiling!”


  • “I tried LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and am very excited about this product! It is fabulous and gives great results with no sensitivity!”


  • “I tried a LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening sample and was amazed that I didn't have any sensitivity!”


  • “I have tried other whitening products in the past and experienced a lot of sensitivity, but not with LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening!”


  • “I got great results with LUMIBRITE Take-Home Whitening! Instead of having a tray in for an hour or more, I can whiten while putting on my make-up, and men can use it when they are shaving!”


  • “My patients used another home whitening system and switched to LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. Patients see much more dramatic results in one week's time than with any other product. I will recommend LUMIBRITE® Whitening to anyone!”


  • “I tried LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening 32% Mint and love it! It not only worked faster than other whitening products I have used, but tasted better and I had no issues with sensitivity!”


  • “I tried LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and it was the best I ever used with no sensitivity at all!”


  • “I used the 32% LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and was very happy with the results! There was no sensitivity and my results were better and whiter than other brands I have used!”


  • “I have had patients drop multiple shades with LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening where previously I had no success with other whitening products!”


  • “Our office absolutely loves LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and our patients are getting awesome results!”


  • “My patients have been getting great results with LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening 32% Mint. I want to check it out for myself to whiten my own smile!”


  • “This office loves the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening as there is no sensitivity and we get great results over a shorter period of time!”


  • “We are very happy with the results we are getting from the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. It is so easy and effective with no sensitivity!”


  • “Our office has been using the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and we really enjoy getting great results with no sensitivity!”


  • “I have used a couple of whitening products, but haven't been able to use them for more than a day or two. I was able to use this without any problems.”


  • “We have had patients complaining of sensitivity in the past but when we offer no sensitivity to our patients with LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening, they are sold!”


  • “One of our staff members had tried other products in the past but the results were much better and sensitivity was not an issue when using LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening!”


  • “The patients really enjoy LUMIBRITE® Whitening! They don't have sensitivity and they keep coming back to buy more kits!”


  • “We were using another take-home whitening system but many of our patients were experiencing sensitivity. Because the feature 'No Sensitivity' on the flyer caught our attention, we are now switching to LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening!”


  • “I love the amazing results my patients are getting with LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening! They are even calling me back and telling me how fast it works!”


  • “Patients that have sensitive teeth love using the LUMIBRITE® Whitening Gel!”


  • “Our office likes the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening since there is no sensitivity and it whitens really fast!”


  • “I tried LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and it is over the top as far as whitening goes! I have tried other systems and nothing compares to LUMIBRITE® Whitening!”


  • “I really like LUMIBRITE® Whitening! I have no sensitivity with it at all!”


  • “More and more patients are recommending LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening to their friends and family!”


  • “Our office is getting great results using LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and we are going through it pretty quick! Our patients love getting great results with no sensitivity!”


  • “Our office had a patient using another home whitening system for 2 weeks and didn't see any results. We then gave the patient LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and they saw a huge difference right away and no sensitivity issues!”


  • “A patient tried a sample of the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and told the office that she did not want to bleach any longer unless they called to get some more of the LUMIBRITE®!”


  • “I absolutely love the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening because my patients achieve wonderful results with zero sensitivity!”


  • “Our office is getting great results with the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. Patients are very happy and they are not experiencing any sensitivity issues.”


  • “Our office is getting an overwhelming response on the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening because patients love the fact that they can have the option of in-home!”


  • “I used a sample of the 32% LUMIBRITE® Whitening over the weekend and had very noticeable results with no sensitivity!”


  • “Our office had a patient call back after using the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and told us how much they liked it! The patient really enjoyed the fruit flavor and that there was no sensitivity!”


  • “Our patients love the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening because they get good results with no sensitivity!”


  • “Our patients really like the fact that the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening is 32% and has no sensitivity compared to the other brand we were using. Our office has switched to LUMIBRITE® Whitening due to popular demand!”


  • “Our receptionist has been using the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. She was really surprised because she has really sensitive teeth and normally would brush with sensitive toothpaste daily. Her results have been great with no sensitivity using LUMIBRITE®!”


  • “We sold LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening to one of our older patients. The patient is quite careful about what he involves himself with and said that he loved the LUMIBRITE® Whitening!”


  • “Angela started using LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and she really likes it. She tried another brand and had a lot of sensitivity after the first day. She can already see results with LUMIBRITE® Whitening and has not had any sensitivity at all!”


  • “Our patients love LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and are getting great results with no sensitivity!”


  • “I love the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening as it is sensitivity-free and whitens so well!”


  • “We are already telling our patients about LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening because they are looking forward to it. Our patients really love LUMIBRITE® Whitening because it doesn't take that long and the results are amazing!”


  • “We love the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening for the wonderful results our patients get with no sensitivity!”


  • “Patients really like the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening because it works better and faster than other brands!”


  • “Since we have been using the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening we have not had any problems or complaints of sensitivity from the patients and they are pleased with the results!”


  • “We are very satisfied with LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening because we have no complaints of sensitivity!”


  • “I had a patient who had a spot on her tooth that she wanted to get rid of. I tried LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and it worked and took the spot right off. The office is now convinced and using LUMIBRITE® Whitening in our office!”


  • “I was ecstatic over the results I got from using LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. I am normally very sensitive to bleach but had no sensitivity when using LUMIBRITE®!”


  • “My patients love the results when using LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. They see quick results and no sensitivity. Previously we were using another whitening system and both the office and the patients agree LUMIBRITE® Whitening has the best results!”


  • “One of our patients who is prone to sensitivity when whitening loves LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening. The patient did not feel anything at all!”


  • “The LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening and LUMIBRITE® Chairside Whitening Kits have been getting great feedback from our patients! There is no sensitivity reported and the patients are happy with the results!”


  • “We are happy to report that all of our patients who have follow-up appointments after using the LUMIBRITE® Take-Home Whitening have no sensitivity!”


  • “We are very happy with the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening System. The patients are getting great results in a short amount of time.”


  • “We were purchasing take home bleach elsewhere, but once I tried the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening System I loved it!”


  • “I love the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening System. The results are great and no one has complained once about sensitivity.”


  • “My hygienist tried the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening System sample we received and she was so impressed I had to try it for myself!”


  • “I tried bleach on myself and it was great. The new flavor tasted better than before. I got great results.”


  • “We love the look of the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening Kits. The instructions are easy to read for us and for the patients.”


  • “The package of the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening Kits are beautiful. They really look nice in our operatories.”


  • “After trying the LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening sample I received I really liked the results and did not experience any sensitivity.”


  • “Our patients really like the new LUMIBRITE® Home Whitening Kits and are getting really great results.”


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