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Whitening for every smile.*

Formulated with decades of experience in professional teeth whitening, LumiSmile® White In-Office delivers the effective, safe and fast whitening your patients want, with an easy-to-use system for you and your staff. Customizable marketing support is available upon request to help you grow your practice with LumiSmile® White.

  • 12-month shelf life, no refrigeration required
  • Use optional Sapphire® Plus light for even greater “wow” factor
  • 25% hydrogen peroxide
  • LumiSmile® White Take-Home available for at-home maintenance

LumiSmile® White In-Office is now available with optional take-home syringes for post treatment touch-ups to keep patients coming back for more!

*Individual results may vary.

Kit Options

WHT0025: LumiSmile® White In-Office

Each kit contains:

  • 1 dual-barrel whitening syringe (one patient)
  • 1 desensitizing syringe
  • 1 paint-on dental dam syringe
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Mini brush applicator
  • Syringe tips (18g)
  • Cheek retractor
  • 3 dappen dishes

WHT0030: LumiSmile® White In-Office with 22% Take-Home Combo Kit

Each kit contains:

  • 1 dual-barrel whitening syringe (one patient)
  • 2 LumiSmile® White Take-Home 22% carbamide peroxide syringes
  • 1 desensitizing syringe
  • 1 paint-on dental dam syringe
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Mini brush applicator
  • Syringe tips (18g)
  • Cheek retractor
  • 3 dappen dishes

Clinical Success

Noticeably whiter teeth in under an hour, with minimal sensitivity.




How to properly achieve noticeably whiter teeth in under an hour with minimal sensitivity:

Step #1:
1. Take before images and record tooth color with shade guide arranged in bleaching order.

Step #2:
2. Insert cheek retractors and using the dispensing tip, apply Paint-On Dental Dam to the gingiva to isolate gums around the selected teeth. Overlap the dental dam onto the gingival tissue of adjacent teeth (about 0.5 mm) and light-cure for 1-2 seconds per tip width with a Sapphire® Plus Plasma Arc Curing (PAC) light or 5-10 seconds per tip width with an LED Curing Light.

Step #3:
3. Brush LumiSmile® White In-Office Whitening Gel onto labial surface of teeth.

Step #4:
4. Install a sanitized Sapphire® Whitening Crystal in place of the curing tip on the end of the Sapphire® Plus PAC light pistol. Center the Sapphire Whitening Crystal ¼ to ½ inch from the teeth within the cheek retractor with the outer edges touching (is possible).

Bleaching without the Sapphire® Plus PAC light?

Follow the instructions, disregarding use of the Sapphire® Whitening Crystal; maintain gel on teeth as indicated, for the periods described. However, for maximum results, use of the Sapphire® PAC light with Whitening Crystal is recommended.


Step #5:
5. Press the Optional button on the Sapphire® Plus PAC light keypad, then press 2 to select bleaching mode. Press the start or pistol activator button to start the bleaching process. When the Sapphire light beeps, fifteen minutes have elapsed. Pause the light. Suction off whitening gel. Check on the comfort of the patient and reapply LumiSmile® White whitening gel for up to 3 additional fifteen minute whitening sessions, as desired.

Step #6:
6. At the end of the session, vacuum gel from the teeth, wipe away with gauze and rinse the teeth while suctioning.

Step #7:
7. Record final shade and show patient the results of whitening session.

Step #8:
8. If the patient is experiencing sensitivity, apply desensitizer gel for 5-30 minutes as needed and send patient with remaining gel for continued at-home use.


What is the difference between carbamide and hydrogen peroxides?

Carbamide peroxide is approximately 1/3 of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. The professional in-office kits are formulated with hydrogen peroxide. The professional take-home kits use a carbamide peroxide formulation.

How does peroxide whiten teeth?

When peroxide breaks down (either on its own, or accelerated with a light) it forms oxygen bubbles that get down into the microscopic pores of the tooth to clean out stains.

Will tetracycline stains whiten with tray kits or in-office whitening?

Intrinsic stains (stains inside the tooth, often caused by medications) are more difficult to whiten than extrinsic stains (surface stains, generally caused by smoking, coffee, red wine, etc.). However, good whitening results can be achieved with either system. Each patient is different and results will vary. If whitening does not produce the desired results, LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers may be a better option.

How white will the teeth get?

Each patient is different. There is no way to determine before the procedure what type of shade change will result. Doctor and patient expectations should be discussed before the in-office treatment begins.

What percentages are available with the LumiSmile® White Whitening Systems?

LumiSmile® White In-Office Kits is available in a 25% hydrogen peroxide formulation. The take-home kits are available in 16%, 22% and 32% carbamide peroxide formulations.

Is it necessary to use a light with the LumiSmile® White In-Office System?

The professional in-office kits may be used with or without a light. However, we recommend the Sapphire® Plasma Arc Light, if a whitening light is being used.

Is sensitivity an issue with the Professional Whitening Kits?

The professional whitening system is specially formulated to reduce sensitivity.

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