DenMat operates a 100,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility at its worldwide headquarters in Lompoc, California, USA, and specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of high-quality dental products, small equipment, and custom laboratory-fabricated dental restorations. The vast majority of these offerings are manufactured in Lompoc, which is nestled along California’s Central Coast.

DenMat's loupe and headlight system features PeriOptix<sup>®

Dental Magnification & Illumination

Our top-of-the-line loupe and headlight system features PeriOptix® a highly regarded brand made of cutting-edge components with strict quality standards.

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DenMat’s award-winning dental restorative products

Dental Restoratives

Achieve outstanding esthetic results with DenMat’s award-winning dental restorative products. Whether a cement, adhesive or composite, dentists have been relying on DenMat for over 40 years.

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The company performs complete formulation and compounding of resin-based direct restorative materials, including bonding agents, luting cements, composites, glass ionomers and more. These materials are made using a variety of vacuum-kettle mixers under a strictly controlled environment void of ultraviolet light. DenMat also manufactures a wide range of gel-based materials and liquid solutions used for tooth whitening, antimicrobial periodontal products, and denture cleaners.

Dental Curing Light - ideal dental equipment used for polymerization of light cure resin based composites

Dental Curing Light

DenMat is proud to offer a diverse line of LED and plasma-arc dental curing lights for every procedure, technique and budget. Ergonomically designed, rigorously tested and carefully constructed.

Dental Curing Lights
Soft Tissue Dental Lasers - Cut, cauterize and sterilize dental soft-tissue

Dental Lasers

DenMat's high-quality soft-tissue diode dental lasers are ideal for dental procedures. Consistently produce superior results to the highest standards.

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DenMat’s dental product manufacturing work center innovates sophisticated small dental equipment for use in the dental practices around the world. This includes diode surgical dental lasers, piezo ultrasonic scalers, dental curing lights, dental / surgical headlights, loupe magnification systems, and power toothbrushes. These devices involve printed circuit board assemblies, firmware/software, various battery systems, heat-sink technologies, motors, fluid pump systems, and user-friendly interfaces. DenMat also operates a separate machining operation in Northern California, where technology and craftsmanship combine to produce high-quality dental and surgical instruments.

DenMat Dental Lab offers an array of restorative dental solutions and easily accepts intraoral scans

DenMat Dental Lab

DenMat Dental Lab offers an array of restorative dental solutions. DenMat Lab easily accepts intraoral scans from clinicians using most major digital scanning systems.

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Dental Lab Services - Lumieers<sup>®</sup>

Dental Lab Services

Fulfilled by our master technicians, DenMat's renowned dental lab brands such as Lumineers® and Snap-On-Smile®, remain amongst the most requested by patients.

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In the dental lab, DenMat employs optical scanners, three-dimensional printers, and several types of 5-axis mills to produce many of its signature products. Specialized software is used to design intricate custom restorations to meet the demands of today’s discerning patients. DenMat’s manufacturing is certified to ISO 13485 standards, and meets regulatory requirements for commercialization of its products in the United States, the European Union, and key markets such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan and more.

Dr. Peter Harnois provides state-of-the art minimally invasive dentistry - DenMat Lab produces the beautiful, natural result

Dr. Peter Harnois provides state-of-the art minimally invasive dentistry - DenMat Lab produces the beautiful, natural result.

"By using the ART process, I am able to provide state-of-the art minimally invasive dentistry. The enhanced artistry of DenMat Lab produces a beautiful, natural result." — Dr. Peter Harnois

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