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Connection, Education and Practice-Building Partnerships

Connection, Education and Practice-Building Partnerships
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Marc Henderson, DDS, FAGD, loves working with his hands and improving the smiles of his patients. As a partner of Hartford, Connecticut-based dental practice Posner and Henderson—which offers family, general, pediatric and orthodontic dentistry—the most satisfying part of his job is connecting with others. “The dental profession has given me the unique opportunity to meet extraordinary and inspiring people. I am lucky to hear the life stories of my patients, who inspire me every day,” Dr. Henderson states.

But such opportunity only happens with hard work. Dr. Henderson graduated with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University College of Dentistry. Residency followed at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, moving him from Washington D.C. to Hartford. After residency, he teamed up with Posner—and today their practice grosses more than $2 million per year. Additionally, many of its 20 staff members have been employees for more than 20 years.

“This type of loyalty and commitment are rare and has helped patients enjoy their visits to the dentist; it’s like seeing an old friend,” Dr. Henderson says.

Dr. Marc Henderson and Patient

When not busy in the practice, Dr. Henderson continues to pursue his passion for dentistry through continuing education opportunities. “I am committed to continuing education and excellence in my field because I want each patient to receive the very best standard of care,” he asserts.

It was during this quest for continued instruction on ways to advance his practice offerings that Dr. Henderson developed a relationship with DenMat.

“While I had used DenMat products, such as Lumineers and Snap-On Smile, since 2011, I didn’t fully unlock the potential of DenMat’s offerings until 2014 when I flew to Las Vegas to attend an advanced esthetic program focused on best business practices,” Dr. Henderson shares. “Here, I learned of the practice-building Smile Discovery Program (SDP).”

After learning about SDP, Dr. Henderson immediately got on board. Not only did the program feature trusted products, such as Lumineers and Snap-On Smile, but it also provided access to DenMat’s custom LumiSmile, Trial Smile, Lumineers marketing support, and access to education and product discounts through membership.

“Through my ongoing education, I knew that SDP was a one-of-a-kind service that would boost my practice. An added bonus is the wonderful DenMat team. Each year, I attend the SDP course in Las Vegas and enjoy the camaraderie shared with staff,” he says.

Dr Henderson SDP VIP

Placing high value on the ability to improve his patients’ oral health, Dr. Henderson uses only time-tested and proven products in his practice. Today, he shares that some of his go-to dental products include DenMat loupes, impression trays and impression materials. Dr. Henderson also says he more commonly prescribes zirconia crowns from DenMat, as the lab continues to produce exceptional quality restorations—though Lumineers and Snap-On Smile still continue to be his most-prescribed restorations.

“While I do a lot of Lumineers cases, not all patients are financially equipped for this high-end restoration,” he admits. “But for those select cases, in which a patient presents with misaligned, badly shaped and badly chipped teeth, Snap-On Smile is a reliable, quality short- or long-term alternative.

“Using DenMat products and services has greatly improved my dental practice’s profit/loss statement,” Dr. Henderson shares. “But it’s about more than just these savings.

“DenMat’s staff is wonderful to work with. The customer service is top-notch; even though we are on opposite coasts, I can always reach and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative. And, as a perpetual attendee of continuing education courses, I appreciate DenMat’s unique CE courses and programs,” Dr. Henderson continues. “Partnering with DenMat has been a practice builder for me, allowing me to better serve my patients.”

Learn more about Dr. Henderson at https://www.phgdentistry.com

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