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Dr. Peter Harnois Discusses The Smile Discovery Program®

Dr. Peter Harnois Discusses The Smile Discovery Program®
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Peter T. Harnois, DDS, of Hinsdale Dentistry in Greater Chicago continues to experience significant year-over-year growth in his dental practice and attributes much of this success to DenMat’s Smile Discovery Program® (SDP).

SDP is a partnership between DenMat and your dental practice. By becoming an SDP member with DenMat, you gain access to our time-tested marketing business plan, comprising Lumineers® branding, social media, video, posters, patient brochures and DenMat discounts, as well as LumiSmile®, an immediate patient visualization tool.

This program helps grow your esthetic dentistry business with a few easy steps: become an SDP member; implement DenMat’s proven marketing business plan; and continue focusing on delivering quality dental care to your patients. SDP runs on autopilot once implemented, allowing you to sit back and let DenMat’s experience – and trusted products and restorative materials – work for you.

Dr. Peter Harnois Discusses Smile Discovery Program

Q: Why did you join SDP?

A: I’ve been a dentist for 38 years and know that we tend to overthink and overanalyze everything. When I joined SDP 13 years ago, I wanted to start, grow and promote esthetic dentistry in my practice. But I needed a marketing business plan and didn’t know where to start. SDP has worked from day one; it’s essentially a plug-and-play, time-tested approach that gives you access to DenMat’s 45 years of experience.

Q: What do you get as a partner of SDP?

A: There are many, but the top three are: (1) LumiSmile, an amazingly fast, effective, immediate visual tool that helps patients understand what is possible for them (2) DenMat’s marketing business plan, which includes digital media, posters for Lumineers and a Welcome Box comprising customizable brochures, pamphlets and posters (3) The ability to brand yourself as a Lumineers office.

Q: What other benefits are in it for me?

A: Financially, through this partnership, I get points with each order, which I can use toward the purchase of DenMat equipment, including lasers. I also get unlimited digital imaging for case presentations, Lumineer case coupons, education discounts, monthly free product allotment, a live patient demo kit, as well as marketing, training and consult support.

Dr Peter Harnois Smile Discovery Program Lecture

Q: Can you share the key takeaways of SDP?

A: Every office wants growth. SDP has helped me grow my practice more than everything else combined – so much that Lumineers have been the main economic driver in my practice for the past 13 years, just because I could brand myself as such. Let DenMat worry about the marketing of your cosmetic dentistry practice while you focus on doing what you do best: delivery of that high-quality cosmetic dentistry.

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