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The "Hollywood Dentist" Invests in Technology to Make a Difference

The "Hollywood Dentist" Invests in Technology to Make a Difference
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Sally Kashani, DDS, who is known as the “Hollywood Dentist,” owns a dental practice in Toluca Lake, California, near the heart of Los Angeles’ storied Hollywood movie and television studios. Her flawless smile makeovers have earned her the reputation of being “an interior designer of the mouth,” and she has been featured on the syndicated television show “The Doctors.” Dr. Kashani is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as its top-rated School of Dentistry.

Dr. Kashani Xray Patient

Dr. Kashani, upon graduation, completed two years of general practice residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Sepulveda, California, where she served as chief resident. A lifelong learner, she has also received extensive training in cosmetic, surgical and implant dentistry, as well as in restorative and general dentistry. Dr. Kashani is actively involved in many professional dental associations and provides dental care to Holocaust survivors.

Through her ongoing commitment to excellence and vast knowledge in the art of dentistry, Dr. Kashani has become a top-rated Hollywood dentist. Known for her attention to detail and calming presence, she delivers personalized care utilizing the latest technology and materials. This includes but is not limited to cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, and periodontal treatment and care.

Dr. Kashani with Happy Patient

Today, her successful dental practice includes an eight-member staff comprised of two dental hygienists, three dental assistants, and front, home and office managers. But attaining that level of efficiency required help from the outside, and DenMat provided that assistance.

"I purchased an NV dental laser when I started my practice 10 years ago", Dr. Kashani says, and explains that DenMat had since acquired this proprietary technology. When a DenMat sales representative made an office visit and inquired about the practice’s hygiene department, she realized that there was room for improvement. “So my entire staff and I went to a practice management seminar,” she reveals. It was there Dr. Kashani learned more information and indications for DenMat’s soft-tissue NV PRO3® Microlaser, which led to greater investment in laser technology.

“DenMat dental lasers are great. I love that they are cordless, portable and easy to use,” Dr. Kashani shares. “The best part is that the laser has many functions, meaning that not only do I use it, but so do my dental hygienists.” Hemostatis, troughing, gingivectomy and cold sore treatment are its top indications for use.

NVPRO3 Microlaser

Dental lasers can make such a difference in the lives of patients,” Dr. Kashani admits. “They are the best treatment for cold sores. They eliminate bleeding during impression taking, and they remove fibromas on the lip. Patients are so grateful for these painless treatments,” she says.

Long-term use of the dental laser and the vast amount of DenMat products being ordered by Dr. Kashani’s practice caught the eye of DenMat. The company asked her if she’d be interested in lecturing on Soft Tissue Management Courses—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Soft-Tissue lasers, however, aren’t the only DenMat product Dr. Kashani invests in. She is also a repeat purchaser of Rotadent ProCare® toothbrushes, Fluoridex® toothpaste and rinses, Ultra-Bond® porcelain bonding and Tenure® bonding systems, and the ViziLite® PRO oral lesion detection light system.

Dr. Kashani Demonstrates Vizilite Pro

“We love our DenMat rep and purchase all products and materials through her,” Dr. Kashani says.

Thanks to this rep, Dr. Kashani learned a valuable lesson: don’t be afraid to evaluate your practice and make improvements where they are needed. For her practice, this meant investing in materials and processes that would boost oral hygiene outcomes. “Patients deserve the best,” she says. And under Dr. Kashani’s care, they certainly get the Hollywood treatment.

Visit Hollywood-Dentist.com to learn more about Dr. Kashani.

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