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Suzanne R. Mericle, DMD: Maker of Smile Miracles

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A wise man once said, “Don’t believe in miracles—depend on them.”1 Lucky for residents living on or near Saint Simons Island, Georgia, they can do just that when it comes to their oral health thanks to the experienced hands of Suzanne R. Mericle, DMD. She is driven by a passion for dentistry, and her approach to care is centered on maintaining the health of the oral cavity. Today, Dr. Mericle’s well-established dental practice welcomes patients of all ages and offers a full list of services, ranging from general dentistry to sleep disordered breathing to cosmetic enhancements and more.


Dr. Mericle graduated from University of Georgia, in Athens, with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. She then graduated with honors from The Medical College of Georgia, with her Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree. During her doctorate studies, Dr. Mericle purchased land on Saint Simon Island, knowing this area would one day be home to her dental practice. Two years after graduating, using the acquired experience from purchasing an existing dental practice, she opened the doors to what is known today as Mericle Dentistry.


Now armed with nearly three decades of experience, Dr. Mericle believes anything is possible. As a mother of three who enjoys family time, skiing, biking and running, Dr. Mericle has marked 2020 as a year of new beginnings. A rebranding of her practice has helped catapult her into a new decade of dentistry, with a continued focus on periodontal health and comprehensive esthetics.


Capturing before and after pictures of patients is a standard practice at Mericle Dentistry. “Treating and managing periodontal health prior to addressing esthetic concerns is the cornerstone of my practice,” Dr. Mericle shares. “We take before and after photos, do the pocket measuring, develop a tailored treatment plan, and share the positive results achieved during recall appointments. This approach to care has changed not only the smiles but the confidence levels of many patients,” she adds.


In line with this high standard of care is deep knowledge of dental sleep medicine, sleep disordered breathing, TMJ therapy, and facial esthetics. Her investment in ongoing clinical education and passion for learning has made her a subject matter expert and key opinion leader; today, Dr. Mericle is a highly sought-after lecturer and author on these and other topics.  


Patients at Mericle Dentistry range in age from 1 year to 106 years. Such a wide range keeps Dr. Mericle and her 10-member staff on their toes, excited for what’s to come next on any given day. Whether it’s clear aligner orthodontics or implant restorations, Dr. Mericle says she loves improving smiles, one patient at a time.


It was during her quest to find a solution for improving patients’ oral hygiene that Dr. Mericle discovered DenMat. “Thanks to my passion for dentistry, I’m constantly striving to higher my standards of care. And in early 2019, I was introduced to PerioRestore, Fluoridex toothpaste, and Pro-DenRx rinse and varnish from DenMat,” she states. “My dental hygienists are well-trained in hygiene, and they absolutely love these products.”


This relationship with DenMat continued to grow, with Mericle Dentistry investing in other branded products and services, including the NV PRO3 Microlaser and PeriOptix Loupes. Dr. Mericle realized the value of these products so much that she was asked to lecture on PerioRestore on behalf of the company. She agreed, admitting “These solutions have helped me evolve into a world-class oral hygiene practice.”


Another must-have on every treatment plan Dr. Mericle delivers is nightguards. Such investment, she says, will protect expensive restorations such as crown & bridge and implant work. “It’s vital not to overload implants or restorations,” she says. “And nightguards protect against this risk.”


In addition to her private practice, lecturing, authoring and ongoing learning, Dr. Mericle maintains professional memberships in the Georgia Dental Association, the American Dental Association, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. She is also a Diplomate with American Sleep and Breathing Academy and a Qualifying Dentist with the AADSM. 


Dr. Mericle intends on delivering smile miracles for many years to come. As the sole female dentist on Saint Simon Island, she is confident that her forward-thinking approach to dentistry coupled with her passion for excellence will help retain patients through their lifetime—and continue to watch her dream practice play out as an everyday reality.


Learn more about Dr. Mericle and her philosophies on dental care by visiting her website, mericledentistry.com.  



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