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A 3rd Generation Dentist Shares His "Never-Ending Journey"

A 3rd Generation Dentist Shares His "Never-Ending Journey"
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Cary Goldstein, DDS, is a third-generation dentist based in Atlanta. Growing up, he spent countless hours in the dental office with both his father and grandfather—taking note of the instruments, procedures, and processes, and gaining a solid understanding of and great respect for the profession. In his words, “I grew up speaking dentistry. It is in my genes.”

Under the guidance of his grandfather, for whom he worked as a dental assistant through college summers, and his father, Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS, who is still in practice at age 85, Dr. C. Goldstein, learned of the power of creating beautiful smiles. In fact, Dr. R. Goldstein is revered as the “father of modern cosmetic dentistry,” and has served as a great mentor—not only to Dr. C. Goldstein, but also to his brother and sister, who also went on to practice dentistry.

After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1980, Dr. C. Goldstein attended the Medical College of Georgia – Augusta University, where he graduated with his Doctor of Medical Dentistry, followed by post-graduate studies in prosthodontics at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, in Los Angeles.

Dr. Goldstein Practice

Today, Dr. C. Goldstein’s established practice, The Goldstein Center for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry, serves patients’ general, prosthodontic and periodontic dentistry needs. When not in his dental practice, Dr. C. Goldstein lectures worldwide and authored the textbook Imaging in Esthetic Dentistry, which details the use of computerized imaging in esthetic dentistry. Additionally, he is a fellow in the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, for which he will serve as president elect in 2019.

The Goldstein Center employs 12 full-time staff members and is also home to Dr. C. Goldstein’s dental assisting school. Here, he finds joy in working with others who are as enthusiastic for improving patients’ smiles. “My amazing staff has a lot of passion for what they do… and they are great at it,” Dr. C. Goldstein says. But doing what you do well only works when utilizing best-in-class products and services—and that’s where DenMat comes in.

“Like me, my staff has come to realize that the quality of DenMat products and services are top notch,” Dr. C. Goldstein states. At the top of his list is DenMat’s LumiSmile® —a proprietary tool that he utilizes through a paid membership to the company’s Smile Discovery Program® (SDP).

“I saw an advertisement for DenMat’s SDP and went to a class offered in Atlanta in September 2014,” he shares. “At the time, I was using Photoshop to do before and after pictures for my patients; it was time-consuming and not exactly user friendly. But I did it because I’m a firm believer in imaging. LumiSmile through SDP does the work for me; it was a game changer.”

LumiSmile provides on on-the-spot preview of a patient’s smile. The process is straightforward: the dental practice takes and submits a photo of the patient to DenMat, where it is edited to fit the proposed treatment plan. The enhanced photo is returned during the appointment for patient presentation and is designed to be the ultimate case acceptance tool.

LumiSmile Mobile App

Today, Dr. C. Goldstein shares that the SDP LumiSmile feature is utilized on every patient who walks into the practice. “It’s a great communicator,” he admits. “A picture of yourself with better teeth becomes engrained in your head. It’s the best way to show what is possible.”

Since implementing SDP into his practice in 2014, the Goldstein Center has increased its cosmetic dentistry offerings and client base. Today, the practice offers bleaching, Lumineers®, Snap-On Smile®, and smile alignment solutions. This program has also introduced Dr. C. Goldstein and his staff to new high-quality DenMat products, which are offered at a discount through SDP membership. “If you don’t utilize the products, you are letting money go to waste,” he says.

Dr. C. Goldstein’s favorite DenMat products include Splash Max® VPS impression materials and FireFly® Headlights and PeriOptix® Loupes—which he says, “I can’t work without.”

Dr. Goldstein with Loupes

The relationship between Dr. C. Goldstein and DenMat continues to evolve, with him now presenting “Mastering Minimally Invasive Smile Design” courses for the company. “I love teaching because I always learn something new,” he shares. “This journey is never-ending!”

Learn more about Dr. Goldstein at goldsteinonline.com.

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