DenMat’s education curriculum comprises hands-on courses designed to elevate the standard of care within the dental industry while increasing success and satisfaction for dentists/dental teams. Through quality programs taught by industry leaders, coupled with our state-of-the-art products, personalized customer service, and high-end dental laboratory, DenMat is uniquely positioned to help practices reach their full growth potential. Meet the Instructors that are teaching practices to be profitable while maintaining exceptional patient care.


Steve Biagini, DDS
Cary Goldstein, DMD
Suzanne Haley, DMD
Peter Harnois, DDS

Sally Kashani, DDS
Louis Kaufman, DDS, FAGD, MBA
Michael Kesner, DDS
Timothy Kosinski, DDS, MAGD

Apolinar Madrigal, DDS
David Ouellet, DDS
Michael A. Schneider, DMD
Azeem Sheikh, BS, DDS

Jennifer Stutz, RDH