Follow the step-by-step instructions devised by our expert technicians to help ensure the integrity of your cases as they travel from point A to point B. Contact Lab Support at 800-872-8384 to order free pre-printed prescription forms, shipping supplies and labels.

DenMat Dental Lab - Complete Prescription

1. Complete Prescription

Fill in all relevant information including patient details, tooth #, restoration type, shade, etc. Double check to ensure that all required boxes and fields are complete to meet your exact specifications. Once completed, print a copy to include with your shipment.

DenMat Dental Lab - Pack Case

2. Pack Case

Please take every precaution to make sure your case is cushioned and secure to avoid damage during shipping. Below are a few steps you can take to make sure your case is shipped successfully to DenMat Lab.


  1. Insert foam, cushion, or bubble wrap at the bottom of your carton.

  2. Separate each model, impression or bite in separate plastic bags and attach their individual prescription forms to the outside of the bags so they can be properly identified.

  3. Arrange contents in the box snug but separated by bubble wrap for added cushion.

  4. Insert foam, cushion, or bubble wrap on top of contents.

  5. For single submissions the prescription should be placed on top of contents and foam.

  6. Securely seal box with tape.

  7. For best results we suggest you indicate “FRAGILE” prominently on your package for added care during shipping.

  8. Attach shipping label addressed to:
    DenMat Lab
    1017 W. Central Ave.
    Lompoc, CA 93436-2701

DenMat Dental Lab - Track Your Case

3. Track Case

DenMat offers our Lab Online portal to track the progress of your cases and serve as a communication tool between your office and our dental lab. In order to use Lab Online, you must first register or sign in then enter your case into the online system.


In order to track a case in the portal, the case must first be entered in the portal. To track a case not entered into the portal you must call the dental lab. Once we receive and review your cases, they will automatically be updated and you will receive email notifications until delivery. Lab Online does not take the place of one-on-one communication with our technical team; it is simply to keep you informed. If you need help or immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call us directly at 800-872-8384. We are here to serve you. Likewise, if we have questions we will contact your office directly.

DenMat Dental Lab - Digital Impression Systems

Digital Impression Systems

The DenMat Lab works seamlessly with a number of digital chairside impressions systems. No matter your intraoral scanner of choice, you can assure that your cases will be executed with expert artistry and precision.

Send a Digital Impression
DenMat Dental Lab - Doctor Preference Form

Doctor Preference Form

DenMat strives to exceed your expectations and provide best-in-class customer service. To help us deliver high-quality, high aesthetic restorations, with all your preferences accounted for, please download and complete our Doctor Preference Sheet.
We will keep your details on file and ensure that every case comes back just the way you like it.

Download the Lab Preference Form

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