Our LumiSmile® Design App simplifies the esthetic case presentation process and allows the patient to visualize the outcome of the proposed treatment plan. It's fast, easy, patient friendly, and converts cosmetic treatment plans for your practice.

LumiSmile is Easy to Use

Use your favorite Apple (IOS) device to increase case acceptance quickly and easily.

  • Take a patient photo.
  • Select a smile design option from Lumineers, Ortho or Whitening...or select all 3!
  • Within hours you can present your patient customized imagea showing how beautiful their smile can be.


Building Case Acceptance with Smile Design Solutions

In this informative and live interactive webinar, Dr. Harnois will discusses unique digital marketing tools that address a persistent pain point for all dental practices - increasing treatment acceptance. Dr. Harnois demonstrates how to present clinical treatment options and accelerate case acceptance using a simple smile design application. Additionally Ali Owen, 12-year Practice Administrator, shares valuable patient presentation tips to engage potential patients and increase case acceptance.

This webinar covers:

  • Understanding the advantage of presenting a smile design to your patients
  • Applying the power of digital smile design to evoke patient emotions and accelerate treatment acceptance
  • Leveraging the smile design in marketing to current and potential patients


"The very first patient we used the LumiSmile app on literally made me and my hygienist tear up in the operatory. I totally did not expect the reaction I received from her. She started crying when she received her LumiSmile."

– Elizabeth Slocum, DMD

A simple picture can sell a case

With the LumiSmile digital smile design app, practices can take a photo of every patient, and then present the enhanced photos to the patient within minutes as part of a cosmetic consultation.


The images can be quickly and easily sent to the patient's phone or email. Give patients the unique experience of not only being able to preview their potential new smile, but share it with friends and family.

10,000 / month

Practices using LumiSmile have experienced at least 1 converted case per month*

Practice experience may vary. Results are based on a test group of 70 practices over a 6 month period.

LumiSmile Converts Cases

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