Custom Solutions Designed Specifically for Your Group Practice or DSO

We will work with your group practice or DSO to provide custom solutions for Products, Lab Services, Education, and Practice Management up to and including:

  • Custom rebate pricing to meet the needs of your organization and practice footprint
  • Exclusive revenue-driving custom CE courses, brought your location, that teach your dentists how to deliver minimally invasive dentistry (veneers), turn your hygiene department into a profit center and increase case acceptance through effective patient communication techniques
  • Increased case acceptance and efficiency through our treatment planning recommendations:
    • Our decades of work in the practice management space gives us the expertise to provide treatment planning protocols that drive treatment acceptance

About DenMat

DenMat provides dental practices with a unique mix of innovative products, education, and laboratory services that enable practitioners to operate more efficiently and more effectively and produce exceptional patient outcomes. This is accomplished by employing an experienced team dedicated to providing practical solutions that drive practice growth and encourage patient case acceptance.

DenMat Products Custom Solutions

Innovative products are the foundation of DenMat's existence. Robert Ibsen, DDS, founded DenMat in 1974 when he was unable to find adequate dental materials and products for use in his dental practice. His quest for the perfect materials, and the request of other dentists to use them, led to the founding of DenMat. Today, the company offers myriad products for the dental practice, with a complementary portfolio that may be utilized for most dental procedures. Furthermore, DenMat still operates on the principle of innovation, with investigation into material advancements ongoing for the greater good of patients across the world.

DenMat Education Custom Solutions

Education is another pillar of DenMat. The company hosts continuing education courses and seminars led by Key Opinion Leaders so that dentists may learn the best tips and techniques for performing high-quality dentistry with great efficiency. DenMat also offers valuable practice-building solutions, so that dentists can promote themselves as Lumineers® and/or Snap-On Smile® practices on DenMat's branded websites. Education and partnership are invaluable in today's competitive landscape.

DenMat Lab Custom Solutions

DenMat Laboratory is a fully operating dental laboratory that offers an array of restorative solutions. The laboratory specializes in LumiZir® crowns, Lumineers and Snap-On Smile, though its expert dental technicians are trained and versed in fabrication of every type of dental restoration. Today, DenMat Laboratory is proud to support dental practitioners through innovative products, education and laboratory services – making DenMat a one-stop shop for dentists' every need.

Unique Practice Management Platform

We continue to develop our practice management platform, Smile Discovery Program, to bring unique features that help drive case acceptance. Our unique LumiSmile® application (now available for the iPhone) allows your patients to see and share their new smile as part of your treatment plan. Add this tool with our ART Trial Smile and the case acceptance in your group practice will obtain new levels. Our practice management solutions provide a gateway to discounts on lab services and products as well as discounts for continuing education.



Achieve outstanding esthetic results using DenMat's award-winning restorative products. Whether a cement, adhesive, or composite, dentists have been relying on DenMat for over 40 years as the source for superior restorative materials.


Choose DenMat materials for reliable, consistent impressions, every time. From simple cases to complex full-mouth restorations, our award-winning VPS materials and impression trays deliver the quality and performance you depend on.


DenMat's comprehensive line of both in-office and take-home whitening products will help you build your practice while delivering extraordinary results you and your patients will love.

Oral Hygiene

DenMat's oral hygiene line features the Rotadent ProCare® power toothbrush, Pro-Select Platinum® Piezo ultrasonic scaler, ATRIDOX® locally-applied periodontal antibiotic, Fluoridex® and Pro-DenRx® fluoride gels, rinses and varnish, and ViziLite® PRO oral lesion screening system.

Hartzell Instruments

DenMat acquired Hartzell® Instruments in 2014. These industry-leading precision products have long been preferred by clinicians for perio, hygiene, restorative, ortho, endo, and surgical dental procedures. Hartzell Instruments offer excellent quality at a great value.

PeriOptix® has been manufacturing top-of-the-line loupe and headlight systems since the late '90s, a tradition that continues today after being acquired by DenMat in 2013. All our innovative loupes and headlights are manufactured in California and are made of cutting-edge components with strict quality standards.

Dental Lasers

DenMat offers a diverse line of small equipment, including soft-tissue lasers, curing lights, and oral lesion detection systems. Carefully engineered and rigorously tested, our products have become must-haves in dental offices all over the world.

Dental Lab

The DenMat Lab specializes in minimally invasive smile design and will help you provide your patients with beautiful smiles for a great value. Our trusted brands include Lumineers,® Snap-On Smile,® Signature Service, and ART.®