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Increasing Hygiene Production with Soft Tissue Management

In this webinar presented by Dr. Sally Kashani, discover the prevalence of periodontal disease, the systemic connection to overall health in today’s population, and how to effectively communicate these concepts to patients for increased treatment acceptance. By expanding on current methods for treating periodontal disease and exploring comprehensive treatment solutions, Dr. Kashani will outline Soft Tissue Management protocols to incorporate within each practice. Attendees will learn how to effectively categorize patients with periodontal issues and streamline hygiene protocols with in-office and at-home solutions to simplify comprehensive care from practice to patient!

Demystifying Minimal Prep & No-Prep Veneer Placement

In this DenMat Education webinar, Dr. David Ouellet discusses how philosophies have changed regarding cosmetic bonded ceramics. Modern dentistry focuses on the principle of minimally invasive dentistry and preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. When practicing minimal preparation with veneers, basic considerations for anterior case design, color modification, and restorative materials are vital to insure the patient’s satisfaction with the final esthetic result.

The ART of Successful Esthetic Case Presentation

During this one - hour webinar with Dr. Apolinar Madrigal, clinicians will learn how to combine the tremendous power of photography with the innovative patient-guided Additive Reductive Template (ART) technique for minimally invasive veneers. Participants will gain a variety of tips and foolproof methodologies for achieving exceptional esthetic smile design and improved patient case acceptance.

Non-Surgical Perio Treatment that turns your Hygiene Program into a Profit Center

In this DenMat Education webinar with Dr. Azeem Sheikh, he discusses the difference between a busy and productive day in your hygiene department. It is all about having the right systems, tools, and protocols in place to comprehensively and consistently treat every patient. During this webinar, attendees will learn a systematic approach to increase hygiene production while seeing fewer patients. In addition to clinical training on the detection, treatment, and prevention of periodontal disease, this lecture features best practices for treatment planning, patient communication, and acceptance.

Treatment Strategies for Combating Periodontal Disease

In this DenMat Education webinar with Dr. Suzanne Haley, the prevalence of periodontal disease in today's dental patient base and the oral systemic health connection is discussed. The webinar focuses on current in-office and at-home treatment options for combating the biofilm colonies that perpetuate periodontal disease. Learn how to effectively identify and communicate with patients who would benefit from treatment and provide them with tools to increase compliance to achieve more successful treatment outcomes.

Minimally Invasive Composite Restorations: Tooth Rejuvenation

In this DenMat Education webinar with Dr. Apolinar Madrigal, clinicians will learn biomimetic designs of Class II, Class III, and Class IV dental restorations, a simplified process of rubber dam placement for absolute moisture control and isolation, predictable bonding protocols to ensure predictable restorations without sensitivity, effective stratification techniques to create ideal anatomy and interproximal contacts and finishing and polishing best practices.

Laser Use in Dentistry Today

In this DenMat Education webinar with Dr. Timothy Kosinski, clinicians will learn how soft tissue lasers afford oral health professionals the opportunity to perform more procedures, in less time, and with more predictable results than traditional methods.

Keys to Increased Case Acceptance

The average case acceptance rate for dentists is 25-30%. How would you like it to be 80+%? Case presentation to your patients should be a “team event” which helps your patients say “yes” to the treatment they need. Dr. Michael Kesner teaches the communication techniques that can double you production without increasing the number of new patients.

Teeth Whitening: Tried and True vs. Hip and New

Dr. Peter Vanstrom discusses the best traditional peroxide techniques and products, as well as how to manage patient expectations and success limitations. He also takes a look at the plethora of the internet's do-it-yourself suggested whitening remedies. With tighter profit margins and time, Dr. Vanstrom concludes with how a comprehensive team approach to your Teeth Whitening Program can boost your production in many areas of your practice.

Veneer Smile Makeovers

In this DenMat Education webinar with Dr. Peter Harnois, clinicians will gain understanding on how combining AACD smile design concepts with the revolutionary Additive Reductive Template protocol will achieve predictable, patient-approved esthetic results.

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