Firefly® Headlight Charger Wall Plug


(1) Headlight Charger Wall Plug

The Firefly® Cordless Headlight System lets you easily upgrade your favorite pair of loupes to incorporate a Firefly cordless headlight, and enjoy the freedom to move through any procedure with confidence and without interruptions.

Firefly Cordless Headlight System offers:

  • unique cord-free design that eliminates the need for heavy power packs and cumbersome cords
  • cleaning ease for a reduced risk of cross contamination
  • optimized spot size that eliminates the uncomfortable halo in your patients' eyes while providing uniform and natural color output
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf PeriOptix Catalog pdf 3.6 MB Download
pdf Firefly - Instructions for Use R10 - 3/23 pdf 781.1 KB Download
pdf PeriOptix - Flip-up Loupe and Frame Directions for Use R5 - 3/23 pdf 1.3 MB Download


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