Kids Kare™ 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Brush-On Gel

Berry Flavor


Preventative treatment for the most important

  • (1) Case of (12) 4.3oz. Tubes of Kids Kare Brush-On Gel
  • Net Weight: 4.3 oz. (121.9g)

Especially Formulated for Kids

Kids Kare toothpaste and gel formulas are carefully designed for children to provide early protection and superior strength against caries. As children develop, Kids Kare focuses on the additional worries of tooth sensitivity, plaque formation and gingivitis.

With a choice between 0.4% Stannous Fluoride brush-on gel or 0.24% Sodium Fluoride toothpaste, Kids Kare is trusted as an everyday aid for healthy nurturing.

Fluoride has been shown to:

  • Inhibit demineralization and bacterial activity
  • Prevent and control dental caries
  • Provide greater enamel resistance
  • Enhance remineralization

Stannous Fluoride has been shown to:
  • Prevent and control dental caries
  • Kill bacteria and neutralize PH
  • Reverse gingivitis
  • Prevent plaque buildup
  • Decrease sensitivity