The Smile Discovery Program® members have access to a variety of digital marketing resources to market their practice across website, email, and social media platforms.

Social Media gained 490 million users in 2020.  An impressive 13% growth from 2019.

Smile Discovery Program members can connect with this growing audience through targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Smile Discovery Members access an online portal to select beautifully designed ad options to run each quarter. Highlight your practice's service or specialty and link directly to your website to capture incoming leads.

Our team will take your ad and target delivery to your potential patients in. your geographic region. Performance reporting is available at any time via your practice dashboard or emailed reports sent monthly.

Average Facebook Ad Results for Smile Discover Members

One extra patient per month can bring in thousands of dollars to your practice each year!


10,000 / month


On average, how many times your ad appeared to potential patients:

10,000 / month


How many times a potential patient visited your Web page:

150 / month

Practice experience may vary. Results are based on a test group of 70 practices over a 6 month period.

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Practice Marketing Resources 

Smile Discovery Program® (SDP) members have access to a variety of digital marketing resources. Promote your practice across Web, email and social media platforms to engage potential patients and drive new business. We also provide content formatted for in-office display, including television and mobile devices, to market your services and increase case acceptance. Additionally, we provide a variety of materials that you may download and print including, guides, brochures and flyers.

DDSLocator: Connecting your practice to patients

Our network of patient education websites connects patients with Smile Discovery practices through a searchable database of licensed local dentists across the United States and Canada. Patients find dentists in their area and can view specialties and services and well as contact information.

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