Microline™ Mini Replacement Cable


(1) Mini Replacement Cable

About the Microline™ Mini Headlight System

At only 9 grams, the MicroLine Mini LED Headlight is one of the lightest headlights in the industry.

MicroLine offers:

  • the bright mini LED headlight at 40,000 Lux
  • 8+ hour rechargeable, replaceable Li-ion battery
  • attachment to all PeriOptix and most competitor loupes or headbands
  • a 90% charge in only 90 minutes
  • user-replaceable cable
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pdf PeriOptix Catalog pdf 3.6 MB Download
pdf PeriOptix Headlight Systems DFU Instructions for MicroLine™ Mini Headlight System, and LumiPro® Headlight System R7-3/23 pdf 640.5 KB Download