OrthoClear® Aligners

Whether you are an Orthodontist or a GP, you are probably being asked about clear aligner treatment almost daily. You may already be offering a clear aligner, but these can be pricey for patients. How many of those patients in need have declined treatment because they simply could not afford it? You may later discover that some of those patients went on to get lower-cost treatment from a direct-to-consumer providers breaking the bond between you and your patient. How can you retain patients to receive needed orthodontic treatment in your practice along with the other care you provide? There is a solution…


From DenMat, the company most trusted with comprehensive esthetic full arch restorations comes OrthoClear®, a simple yet highly effective clear orthodontic solution. OrthoClear is more affordable for patients and more profitable for clinicians providing better return on investment.


Why OrthoClear?


OrthoClear provides gentle, continuous forces to achieve better results for patients and less chair time.


Your patients deserve better! OrthoClear aligners are BPA and phthalate free! The common chemicals BPA and phthalates have side effects from exposure that can have lifelong consequences. Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) are man-made chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors. They can affect hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, and potentially disrupt normal growth and development.
Do we really need to say more?

Crack Resistance

When it comes to clear aligners, choosing a premium material designed to optimize patient comfort and accurate tooth movement is crucial. OrthoClear, has a tough polymer backbone, and a reputation as the benchmark for crack resistance. Long term crack resistance and reduced breakage prevent unnecessary office visits and replacements which lower costs for impressions and refits. OrthoClear aligners exhibit exceptional crack resistance characteristics when compared to aligners made from various other materials.

Stain Resistance

Clear aligners are frequently exposed to oils, coffee, alcohol, staining agents in food and even cleaning products such as toothpaste and mouth wash. Such exposure can cause many plastics to yellow, stain and structurally deteriorate. OrthoClear aligners demonstrate best-in-class stain resistance properties compared to aligners made of all other materials.

Treatment Options

OrthoClear is ideal for correction of misalignments like diastemas, midline shift, rotated, crowded, or blocked out teeth, open bite, cross bite, deep bite, edge-to-edge bite, overjet, curve of Spee, distalization and mesialization of posterior teeth accurately and discreetly, at a fraction of the fees typically associated with such treatment.  OrthoClear is contraindicated for severe crossbites and malocclusions, large changes to bite or cases with implants or missing teeth, or cases requiring extraction.



We accept 96% of the submissions and our movement philosophy follows the standard orthodontic care providing 0.25mm of movement and 2° of rotation per appliance.

We can offer standard straight-line appliances for faster movement, scalloped appliances for more patient comfort as well as attachment guides.

A DenMat lab consultant will be with you each step of the way to support and will create your patient treatment plan so you know exactly what is needed to make the case a success.


On-Site Clinician Support
is Available

Dr. Art Kaslow has years of experience in clear aligner treatment and can help your practice achieve stunning results with OrthoClear. Call for a consultation on your treatment plan today and let Dr. Kaslow guide you through your case to ensure patient satisfaction. 

Virtual Treatment

Easy-two-view 3D virtual treatment planning to review tooth movement, button placement, and anticipated results with your patient.


Aligners are processed through multiple tumbler cycles and hand-finished to ensure optimal patient comfort.

OrthoClear® Button and Attachment Placement by Apolinar Madrigal, DDS

Offer OrthoClear to your patients today!


Call 1-800-820-2611

Remove diastemas in 12 weeks.

Patient presented with a mild diastema on lower arch of roughly 2mm

OrthoClear was prescribed with a treatment plan calling for mild IPR, 4 buttons on the lower teeth and 15 aligner sets

After only 3 months of treatment, the patient’s diastema is gone and desired alignment was achieved

1st Case? Advanced Treatment? On-Site Clinician Support is Available.

Dr. Art Kaslow has years of experience in clear aligner treatment and can help your practice achieve stunning results with OrthoClear. Call for a consultation on your treatment plan today and let Dr. Kaslow guide you through your case to ensure patient satisfaction.


To schedule a consult appointment, call 805-346-3700 ext. 2432, or email labortho@denmat.com.

OrthoClear Review by Janine K.

7 years ago, I was prescribed clear aligners and found them to be uncomfortable. I had to manually file the rough edges of the trays to keep them from irritating my cheeks and tongue.  The aligners were also very thick, which didn’t allow my mouth to close properly unless I cut off the last tooth.


Over the years my teeth have shifted, so my dentist prescribed me with a new set of aligners, which were made by OrthoClear. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail put into these aligners! The edges are smooth and don't irritate my mouth, while the material is much thinner, clearer and less noticeable!  If any friends or family ask me about my aligner experience, I will definitely share my experience with OrthoClear versus my first aligners, and recommend they request OrthoClear.

Why Choose DenMat?

Multi-Layer Polyurethane:

Aligners are .76mm and made from a high quality, stain and crack resistant polyurethane.


Quality Assurance:

From the same team that produces Lumineers®; our quality is unsurpassed.


Virtual Treatment Plan:

3D virtual treatment plan to review tooth movement and anticipated results with your patient.


Competitive Pricing:

The standard case plan is only $795 and includes up to 30 clear aligners!

Reduce crowding in 10 weeks.

Patient presented with mild crowding on lower arch that does not match their new upper arch of Lumineers®

OrthoClear was prescribed with a treatment plan calling for mild IPR and 9 aligner sets

After 2 months of treatment, the crowding is gone and the patient has now been fit with a retainer


Where are the appliances made?

All OrthoClear appliances are manufactured at DenMat Lab headquarters in California. We do not outsource any of the manufacturing.


What is the material and how does it compare to others on the market?

OrthoClear aligners are made from a high quality, ultra-clear and stain-resistant polyurethane material manufactured by Zendura. It is extremely comparable to other clear appliances on the market. The standard thickness is .76mm and made of a flexible, yet strong material designed to assist with the movement of teeth.


What is the approval process and lead time?

Once submitted to the DenMat Lab via digital scan or impression, a 3D digital preview will be generated and returned to you via the lab portal within 5 days. Once approved, your case will be manufactured and shipped within 5 additional business days.

Assume 2-3 weeks from the time you submit a case to the time it is back at your office.


What is a mid-course correction and how is it handled?

A mid-course correction is any adjustment needed to the treatment plan after the case has begun. Depending on patient compliance, anatomy, and other factors, you may need a mid-course correction and adjust the treatment plan. This will require a new impression/scan and new aligners to be manufactured. A mid-course correction fee will be applied as well as a per aligner fee.


How aggressive of movement is possible?

Our standard tooth movement is .25mm per appliance. However, we can go up to a maximum of .5mm as approved by the ABO (American Board of Orthodontics).

Are there buttons or attachments?

Depending on the treatment plan there may be a need for buttons/attachments. This will be easily identified in your treatment plan. If you desire a specific attachment on a tooth, you can specify when submitting a case in the notes section of your Rx form.


Does DenMat accept digital scans?

YES! Digital scans are accepted via our lab portal on denmat.com and are preferable to PVS scans. By submitting a digital scan, your case will be entered automatically, shortening your lead time.


How do I submit a digital scan?

To submit a scan, please login to the lab portal on denmat.com. Follow the prompts and attach the STL files in the case document section. Once completed, your case will begin processing.


Are patient photos required?

Yes! Photos will help improve the delivery time and assist with the treatment plan.


Photos needed:

  • Front view
  • Right/left view
  • Axillary occlusal view
  • Mandibular occlusal view
  • Retracted