Perfectemp II Cartridge BL2


Perfectemp II is the tried-and-true provisional with a 14-year satisfaction history. This self-cure, bis-acrylic temporary crown and bridge material has the strength to resist breakage and wearing, combined with the shade options and polishability to match the esthetics of a natural-looking tooth. Perfectemp II is the temporary solution that's right for your patients and your practice.

Perfectemp II also offers:

  • 6 minute set time; 2.5 minute removal time
  • easy trimming and polishing for a natural luster
  • 5 Vita shades for a perfect match
  • automix dual-barrel cartridge and syringe delivery options
  • affordable pricing compared to leading competitors
  • 4:1 ratio base to catalyst


  • (1) 50mL Cartridge of Perfectemp II BL2
  • (15) Mixing Tips
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