Porcelain Repair Kit


The Porcelain Repair kit includes Tenure® bonding adhesives and Virtuoso® Flowable composites for use in repairing fractures and other problems related to porcelain veneers and PFM restorations. This combination of adhesive and restorative products allows for bonding to all porcelain or metal surfaces and direct restoring with the composite.


  • (1) 1g Virtuoso Flowable Syringe A2
  • (1) 1g Virtuoso Flowable Syringe A3.5
  • (1) 1g Virtuoso Flowable Syringe B1
  • (1) 1g Virtuoso Flowable Syringe Clear
  • (1) 1g Virtuoso Flowable Syringe Opaque
  • (1) 1.75mL Porcelock
  • (1) 3mL Syringe of Etch n' Seal
  • (1) 3mL Syringe of Paint-On Dental Dam
  • (1) 1g Bottle of Porcelain Conditioner
  • (1) 2mL Bottle of Cerinate Prime
  • (1) 1.5mL Bottle of Tenure A Bonding Agent
  • (1) 1.5mL Bottle of Tenure B Bonding Agent
  • (1) 6mL Bottle of Tenure S Bond Enhancer
  • (1) Brush Tip Handle
  • (10) Brush Tips
  • (20) Syringe Tips, 20g, Black
  • (2) Dappen Dishes
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf Ceri-Prime SDS pdf 216.1 KB Download
pdf Cerinate Prime SDS pdf 235.7 KB Download
pdf Paint On Dental Dam SDS pdf 211.8 KB Download
pdf Porcelain Conditioner SDS pdf 209.8 KB Download
pdf Porcelock Revitalize Etchant SDS pdf 230.3 KB Download
pdf Tenure Adhesive Part B SDS pdf 227.1 KB Download
pdf Tenure S SDS pdf 255.4 KB Download
pdf Virtuoso Flowable Shades B1 A1 A2 A3 A35 SDS pdf 99 KB Download
pdf Cerinate Prime and Porcelain Conditioner Porcelain Bonding DFU pdf 294.4 KB Download
pdf Porcelain Repair Porcelain Veneer and PFM Repair Kit DFU pdf 432.6 KB Download