NV® PRO3 Microlaser

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Significantly reduce pocket depth and help stop bleeding on probing with soft-tissue lasers!

Dental hygienists can incorporate soft-tissue diode laser therapy in combination with scaling and root planing in periodontal pockets. By using laser bacterial reduction techniques, you can prevent cross-contamination in the mouth and help encourage healthy reattachment of the gum tissue.

Dental hygienists can also perform other procedures depending on state law with a non-initiated tip such as biostimulation to aid in the healing of things like aphthous ulcers.

†Refer to State Dental/Hygiene Board for local laws.

“The addition of laser therapy has provided me a 'magic wand' for improving the oral health of my patients. It is cost effective, minimally invasive, and destroys bacteria without medication. Witnessing the reduction of disease and discomfort has me sold. I even use this regularly for painful oral lesions and dental hypersensitivity. My patients ask me for it.”
— Stephanie Pajot, RDH, BS

Soft-Tissue Lasers. Effective, Proven Results!

Technique tip from Stephanie Pajot, RDH, BS:

Insert the laser fiber 1-2mm from the base of the pocket. Use brush like strokes in the pocket for 4-6 seconds per surface. Be sure to keep the saliva ejector in the mouth to remove any potential plume of smoke, should the tip become self-initiated. If this occurs, your patient may now require topical or local anesthetic. Keep the fiber clean of debris by wiping with a 2x2 gauze dampened with water.

Oral Hygiene

Bleeding upon probing and deep pockets

Oral Hygiene

Laser Bacterial Reduction followed by SRP

Oral Hygiene

2 weeks post-op, no bleeding on probing and reduced pocket depth

A One-Day Hands-On Course

Oral Hygiene

Revolutionizing Your Practice with Lasers

Dental lasers afford oral health professionals the opportunity to perform more procedures, in less time and with better results than traditional methods. Patients also benefit from laser dentistry, as it is said to result in faster treatment with less overall discomfort.

There's an easier way!

Obtain bloodless impressions with clearly exposed margins, eliminating the need to pack cord.

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Compare lasers vs. traditional methods, learn more procedures, and billing codes!

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Wireless Foot Pedal with Safety Shroud

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Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries

Disposable Fiber Tips Available in 5mm and 7mm

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