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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month:

  • An estimated 53,000+ people in the US will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2019
  • A person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day
  • Late stage diagnosis is prevalent due to lack of public awareness and clinicians not using the latest technology in early stages

OCAM Survival Rate Graph

Visual exams are not enough. It is our duty to screen our patients early on with the most advanced technology using adjunctive screening devices and improving the standard of care.

ViziLite Pro Oral Lesion Screening System

ViziLite Pro®

Oral Lesion Screening System

Enhance visualization to enable earliest possible discovery of potentially cancerous lesions.

  • Fast and effective adjunctive screening
  • Examination without use of a rinse
  • Screening of over 100 patients on a single charge

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ViziLite TBlue Annual Screening

ViziLite® TBlue

Annual Oral Cancer Screening System

Designed to accurately detect abnormal lesions and rule out trauma and false positives.

  • Able to reach all areas of the mouth
  • Helps prevent false positives
  • Improve chances of diagnosing oral cancer early

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Fluorescence visualization with ViziLite PRO® Oral Lesion Screening System provides completely new visual information that is fundamentally different from what clinicians see when looking at reflected light from a white, chemiluminescent or other light source. The ViziLite PRO has been engineered to operate within the wavelength for optimal discrimination of oral lesions, and provides a fast and effective approach to detecting epithelial dysplasia, even in its earliest stages.

ViziLite PRO Oral Lesion Screening System offers:

  • Five powerful LEDs that generate biofluorescence and enhance visualization without dimming operatory lights
  • Light output regulation with LEDs that maintain full power until battery is depleted
  • Violet output LEDs that automatically shut off after five minutes
  • Optical viewing filter that enhances visualization and improves contrast between healthy and abnormal tissues
  • A cordless, ergonomic handle that's comfortable to hold and easy to use
  • Quiet, operation with aluminum housing that eliminates the need for an internal fan
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery that performs over 100 one-minute exams on a single charge

ViziLite Pro Features