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2-Day Courses:

Mastering Minimally-Invasive Smile Design
CE Value: 13

Attend two days of powerful continuing education and learn best practices from your peers who have built highly successful practices with minimally-invasive esthetics in a challenging economy. This course features an all new approach to esthetic dentistry. Learn case selection, smile design, preparation using a new Additive-Reductive Template (A.R.T.), and final finishing and seating of minimally-invasive veneers. You will also be exposed to practice marketing, patient communication, case acceptance and practice management skills to build a successful esthetics-oriented dental practice.

Live Patient Placement
CE Value: 14

Experience over-the-shoulder placement of minimally-invasive ultra-thin veneers. Experience live placement and finishing and best practices to ensure excellent outcomes and long lasting restorations your patients will love. You will also learn contouring techniques to allow for predictable outcomes every time, as well as patient communication skills to maximize case acceptance.

Minimally-Invasive Dentistry, Maximum Practice Growth
CE Value: 14

Description: Join us in Las Vegas for two days of powerful continuing education and learn best practices from two dentists, Dr. Peter Harnois and Dr. Mike Kesner, who have built highly successful practices. Course attendees will learn the latest methods for practice marketing, case acceptance, and practice management to build a successful esthetics-oriented dental practice in today’s competitive marketplace. A key component of the new course offering is clinical training including hands-on preparation and placement of minimally invasive, ultra-thin, highly esthetic veneers, smile design, and case consultation and evaluation.

The Path to Total Patient Care and Practice Profitability:
Maximizing Your Hygiene and Esthetic Production
CE Value: 14

Description: Discover the path to total patient care and practice profitability while maximizing your hygiene and esthetic production. Through a more structured and systematic approach to marketing, phased treatment planning, and same day dentistry, you will discover how to maximize productivity in every operatory. Designed for the entire team, this two-day course includes hands-on training with dentist and team breakout sessions. Your office will leave this course motivated with the tools, training, and direction for practice success.

1-Day Courses:

Soft Tissue Management®
CE Value: 6

Grow your practice, motivate your staff, and secure your financial future with Soft Tissue Management®. This 1-day workshop features tried and proven methodologies that will revolutionize your practice and turn your current hygiene program into a profit-center. The latest technologies and techniques will be presented that will teach your staff how to perform non-surgical Perio therapy and bill appropriately for the services you are already providing to your patients. You will learn first-hand from one of a select group of speakers that have successfully implemented this program in their own practices, and leave the course with a new perspective and motivation to make Soft Tissue Management® a more central part of your service offering.