A.R.T Additive-Reductive Template

Minimally-invasive dentistry is usually more challenging than traditional preparation. A.R.T. (Additive-Reductive Template) is DenMat’s new, innovative process designed to make even complex cases simple.

Following the A.R.T. process will:

  • Provide three options to address varying case types: No Reduction (additive only), Strategic (additive and reductive), and Idealized (additive and reductive)
  • Ensure optimal, easy to follow, conservative case planning for each individual case
  • Give the dentist and patient the chance to approve the new smile in a close-to-final form prior to fabrication
  • Deliver an accurate replica to the lab with a pre-approved “blue print” for the case, minimizing remakes and saving your valuable time
  • Deliver predictable, beautiful esthetics, and assist you in becoming a “Minimally-Invasive Smile Design Expert”

No Reduction - Additive Only

Pre-Op Model
Additive Wax-up
Matrix of Wax-up for the "Trial Smile"

Strategic - Additive and Reductive

Pre-Op Model
Incisal and Interproximal
Reduction Template
Additive/Reduction Template
Matrix of Wax-up for the "Trial Smile"

Idealized - Additive and Reductive

Pre-Op Model
Facial Reduction
Interproximal Reduction
Incisal Reduction
Gingival Reduction
Additive/Reductive Wax-up
Matrix of Wax-up for the "Trail Smile"