Intra-Oral Services

DenMat Lab now has the capability to easily accept intraoral scans from clinicians using the iTero scanner for all restorations including Lumineers, Lumizir Crowns, Snap-On Smile and all crown and bridge work. Having the ability to accept intraoral scans provides greater predictability and accuracy when transferring data to DenMat Lab versus conventional techniques. It also shortens turn-around time because it eliminates inbound shipping and the need to create and digitize a model.

Getting Started with DenMat Lab & iTero®

  • Before sending a case to DenMat Lab, it is necessary to create a link between your iTero Scanner and DenMat Lab.
  • Please call iTero/Align Customer Service at 800-577-8767 and ask them to load DenMat Lab (Align Customer ID 1856) into your scanner.
  • Restart the iTero software. You should now see “DenMat Lab” in the “Ship To”
    dialogue box upon creating a new case.

Fill out RX for all restorations

  • Fill in all relevant information including tooth #, restoration type, shade, etc.
  • Add any additional note at the bottom in the “notes” field.

Scanning for Snap-On Smile®

  • For Snap-On Smile, select case type “Reference Model”.
  • In the notes section, please indicate which arch is required in the Snap-On Smile treatment.

Scanning for Lumineers®

  • Identify teeth to be restored.
  • Quadrants are not acceptable

Scanning for LumiZir™
and all Crown & Bridge

  • Select the proper “Case Type” for the restorations and occlusion needed.
  • Under Case Type, select from Full Arch, Quadrant, or Expanded.
  • Please select tooth #’s, materials, case design, follow Rx, etc.


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