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  • Overview

    Over a million Lumineers® have been placed to date, and now your lab can capitalize on this brand recognition by joining the Lumineers Local program. It’s never been easier to capture NEW BUSINESS for your lab.

    You’ll increase revenue while providing direct service to your doctors.

    Here’s how it works:

    Key Benefits:

    Offer a nationally recognized brand: DenMat® has been producing Lumineers for over 20 years with over a million Lumineers placed. Many dentists are aware of the Lumineers brand and the clinical benefits of a minimally-invasive veneer case.  Now that same Dentist can purchase Lumineers through you.

    Streamline your production: The Lumineers Local program allows you to simply scan your model and receive a printed pattern and ingot from DenMat.  All you have to do is, invest, press and finish your case with your touch and flare.

    Increase your profit margins: With the streamlined manufacturing methods of the program and the premium positioning and brand recognition of Lumineers, this will be the most profitable and most saleable product that you produce.


    Contact FullContour for the all-inclusive fee that includes:

    1.    Case design
    2.    2 pattern prints/unit
    3.    1 Cerinate® Ingot/unit
    4.    Overnight Shipping

    Click here to learn more about DenMat's partnership with FullContour.

  • Get Started

    Sign Up Now!

    To apply to be a laboratory in the Lumineers Local program, please contact FullContour for a questionnaire and enrollment form:


    Phone: 888-817-8612
    Fax: 623-584-8914
    Email: rob.fullcontour@gmail.com

    Equipment Required:

    Digital Scanner: You will need a digital scanner to scan your models and create an articulated STL file. 3Shape, DentalWings, Sirona EOS, iTero and many other scanners are able to export an STL file. Please call FullContour to see if your scanner qualifies for this program.

    Pressing Oven: An Ivoclar pressing oven is recommended.

    Enrollment Process:

    1. Call or email FullContour for a questionnaire & enrollment form.
    2. DenMat will send you a Starter Kit ($99 cost + shipping).
    3. Simply press and finish the sample case in the Starter Kit and return to DenMat for approval.
    4. Once approved, you will be an official Lumineers Local Lab and can send in patient cases! It’s that easy!

  • FAQs

    1. Do I need to purchase any equipment to join the program?

    2. Are there any monthly fees to join?
    No. You can join the network of certified labs producing the #1 patient-requested veneers for no monthly fee.

    3. What are the costs to join?
    $99 buys you a starter kit that gives you everything you need to press your first 2 sample LUMINEERS cases. This helps you get comfortable with the pressing and firing methods.

    4. Will DenMat help promote my lab if I join the LUMINEERS Local program?
    Yes. When you qualify to join the LUMINEERS Local network of labs, your lab will be listed on the LUMINEERS Local website. Your lab may also be listed in Dentist-facing advertising funded regularly by DenMat. Additionally, there are marketing collateral pieces that you can customize to market to your dentists.

    5. Will DenMat help educate my doctors about LUMINEERS?
    Yes. DenMat will co-sponsor 1-2 CE events per year for your dentists to learn about LUMINEERS.

    6. How will my technicians be trained?
    Training documents are available to educate your technicians on the LUMINEERS pressing & finishing process. FullContour & DenMat are available to help you integrate successfully into the Lumineers Local program, including all aspects of LUMINEERS production.

    7. Will my doctors have to work directly with FullContour and/or DenMat?
    No, your doctors will work with your lab directly on LUMINEERS cases, and may not even be aware of FullContour or DenMat’s involvement. DenMat may work with your doctors at co-sponsored CE events on LUMINEERS.

    8. Are LUMINEERS used only for no-prep veneers?
    No. LUMINEERS is not a prep philosophy. It’s a technology designed to maximize esthetics while preserving healthy dentition, and is suitable for all veneer cases.

    9. Aren’t LUMINEERS often bulky and less esthetic than traditional veneers?
    LUMINEERS’ unique materials and design process ensure consistently superior esthetics for the ideal combination of strength and beauty.

    10. Don’t thin veneers often create a ledge that can lead to gingivitis?
    LUMINEERS, with fine diamond finishing, create a natural DEJ profile and are proven to last over 20 years without microleakage and debondings.

    11. Won’t my lab be directly competing with DenMat for LUMINEERS business?
    No, DenMat’s marketing of LUMINEERS will be agnostic regarding where doctors go to get LUMINEERS. In fact, DenMat may even include your lab’s contact information in LUMINEERS advertising.

    12. Do you only allow a certain number of LUMINEERS Local Labs within a certain mile radius?
    No, there is currently no territory exclusivity or limits at this time.
  • Training

    Process Overview:

    1. Scan your model: You scan your Solid Model for LUMINEERS design. It is important that you do not use a traditional pinned die with trimmed margins. The scan needs to have clean data capture and the gingival margin so that we can accurately place the margin line for the LUMINEERS.

    2. Create a case: Login to FullContour.com using “Single Case Entry” please make sure to include the details of what you want with the case like length, smile design etc.

    3. Design Approval: All designs will be done in a 12 hour cycle. Meaning that if you submit your design to FullContour by 7:00pm, then your design will be ready to view the following day. Once you approve the design DenMat will ship your order within 24 hours.

    4. Ordering your case: Once you have reviewed and approved your order, then click:

    Then click the template:

    Your message will then be populated with a template message for you to fill in some highlighted fields. Please fill in your information and click “Send”. Once you click “Send” your order is routed to the DenMat digital manufacturing facility. DenMat will ship you your resin patterns and ingots for pressing and finishing.

    5. Production time for printing and shipping: All designs approved for manufacturing before 3:00pm Pacific Time will be printed and shipped the following day. The standard shipping method will be FedEx priority overnight by 10:00am to most areas. Example: If you approve a case on Monday at 12:00 pm, then your order will be printed and shipped by Tuesday and you will receive it Wednesday before 10:00 am.

    6. Pressing and Finishing your order: Please see the Lab instructions sheet for investing, pressing & finishing Instructions.

    Documents (password protected - please contact FullContour for access or lost password)

    Introduction to Lumineers Local
    Lumineers Local Lab Instructions

    Lumineers Local Lab Process Step-by-step Guide

  • Marketing Materials

    DenMat has created marketing materials to assist you in educating doctors on the benefits of minimally-invasive LUMINEERS.  If for any reason you do not find the support content you are looking for, please let us know so we can continue to improve and support your business better.

    Documents (password protected - please contact FullContour for access or lost password)


    Technical Flyer
    LUMINEERS Assistant
    Placement Guide
    LUMINEERS Doctor
    Placement Guide
    Customizable Lumineers
    Case Stuffer
    LUMINEERS Placement System

    Before & After Images (password protected - please contact FullContour for access or lost password)


    Before 1
    Before 2
    Before 3
    After 1
    After 2
    After 3

    Additional Marketing Images & Logos(password protected - please contact FullContour for access or lost password)


    LUMINEERS Local Logo
    LUMINEERS veneer product shot
    Leucite-Reinforced Glass-Ceramics Graph
    Normalized Translucency of Cerinate Porcelain Graph

  • Contact Us

    Customer Service:

    FullContour will be your primary contact for support needed in adopting the LUMINEERS design and production methods into your laboratory. DenMat is also available for additional support in the event that you need advanced instruction about pressing & finishing the LUMINEERS or clinical support for your customer.


    Phone: 888-817-8612
    Fax: 623-584-8914
    Email: rob.fullcontour@gmail.com


    Phone: 888-798-6738
    Email: lumineerslocal@denmat.com

  • Lab Network

    Lumineers Local Certified Labs

    Lab Name City State Zipcode
    Solitaire Smile Dental Lab San Diego CA 92115
    Ceramics Dental Lab North Miami Beach FL 33160
    Cedars Dental Lab Miami FL 33129
    The Lab 2000 Columbus GA 31904
    Vitality Dental Arts Arlington Heights IL 60005
    Image Dental Arts Fort Wayne IN 60005
    Cusp Dental Research Malden MA 02148
    Friendship Dental Rosedale MD 21237
    New Era Dental Arts Sylvania OH 43560
    Carroll Dental Lab Kinston NC 28501
    Yes Dental Laboratories, Las Vegas NV 89139
    CADTech Dental Lab Memphis TN 38134
    Satellite/Artistic Concepts Dental Lab Arlington TX 76016
    Oral Designs San Antonio TX 78213
    Art Dental Lab Chantilly VA 20151
    Pacific Dental Arts Olympia WA 98506