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  • DenMat Lab has been working with zirconia for many years. Recently, we introduced LumiZir full-contour restorations. Full-contor restorations are made from one monolithic solid piece of zirconia. We heard the request for strength without compromising esthetics. LumiZir full contour crowns are made of the strongest and most translucent zirconia on the market today.

    • Strength of over 1150 Mpa flexural strength*
    • Up to 14 units
    • LumiZir crowns and bridges can be made using a LumiZir core with a porcelain or IPS e.max overlay

    *data on file

  •  Property  LumiZir Value
    Chemical Composition
    <1% Al2O3
    Biaxial Flexural Strength 1150Mpa +/- 50*
    Fracture Toughness 10 Mpa M½*
    Pre-Sintered Blank Hardness 60~70 HV10*
    Final Sintered Hardness 1200~1300 HV10*
    Shades Vita
    *data on file

  • The following PDFs are relevant to LumiZir and are available for download.

    DenMat Lab Brochure
    DenMat Lab Rx Form

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