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  • Dentistry's Premier New Patient Lead Generation Program

    LSDP Dentists drive their practices to new heights.
    The Lumineers® Smile Discovery Program (LSDP) is designed to ensure that your practice can take maximum advantage of our consumer brand awareness. From targeted national TV advertising campaigns to customized print ads and emails, LSDP is your machine for practice growth. You’ll get what you need to drive your practice to new levels, including:

    • Patient demand generation
    • Comprehensive practice marketing support
    • Monthly FREE product

    View this short video to hear what dentists and patients say about Lumineers and the LSDP program.

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    Be sure to ask a DenMat representative about all the other member benefits you will receive as a Lumineers Smile Discovery Program Member such as:

    • Two free 6-Unit Lumineers Cases
    • Fast Rx Turnaround
    • Special Membership Pricing on Lumineers and Snap-On Smile Cases
    • Education Discounts
    • Local Advertising Funds
    • Dedicated Personal Support

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  • Advertising is important for any business.

    You want your customers to know who you are and what you offer. It is especially important when you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Luckily you are one step ahead of everyone else. You already offer a unique product that people are interested in and excited about, Lumineers! You have a message to send to your local market, and we are here to help you do that with compelling, structured, and effective advertising.

    The following checklist identifies the key points you need to address before you begin advertising.

    • Getting Started: There are two separate types of advertisements. These advertisements are reflective of your internal (to your existing patients) and external (to potential patients outside of your practice) advertising efforts.
    • Brand building. This advertising campaign is intended to build your office's brand rather than making an immediate sale. This form of advertising gets your name out so that patients will call you when they need you.
    • Establishing and understanding your budget: Every business has a budget and a portion of that budget should be allocated to advertising. The National Small Business Administrative recommends you allocate 2% of your gross sales to advertising.
    • Co-op support. Take advantage of your co-op funds. As an LSDP member, you can receive a credit percentage of your studio sales for your Lumineers advertising efforts. Contact your sales representative for additional information surrounding this benefit.
    • Follow-up is crucial. Follow-up is the difference between a successful dental office and an average dental office. Regardless of whether or not a patient decides on treatment at the initial consultation, follow-up is essential for each patient to ensure follow-through on treatment. Statistically, most patients follow through on a procedure within 3 months after their initial contact. That means that even if the patient says "no" now, that does not mean "never."

  • LumiSmile Program Brings Digital Technology into Your Practice!

    The LUMISmile Program Brings Digital Technology into Your Practice!Give your patients the unique experience of seeing their new, perfect smile—instantly—with the LumiSmile Program. Your patients are up to 500% more likely to say yes to Lumineers or other cosmetic procedures after seeing their LumiSmile Digital Smile Makeover.

    LumiDay: The office event that creates new smile makeover patients.

    LUMIDAY - The office event that creates new smile makeover patients.LumiDays are sponsored open house events held in your practice to show potential patients what you and Lumineers can do for their smiles. We support your LumiDays with promotional flyers and actual LumiSmile makeovers during the event. It’s a proven way to drive new cases!

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  • Draw on your existing patients

    You may have patients that are family members, neighbors, and business associates. You may even have groups of families as patients. Some patients may even be considered more friends than patients because they have been coming to your practice for so many years.

    Because your patients are familiar with you and your staff, they value your opinion and trust your decisions. They are more willing to listen to your suggestions for products and services than a first-time referral or walk-in patient.

    It is crucial for you to focus a portion of your advertising and marketing efforts towards this group of people. You do not have to sell to each one of your patients, but you should inform your patients of the unique services that are available to them. You have the ability to reach hundreds of people through your patients and they should know that they are not seeing a standard dental office.

    As a Lumineers® dentist, you have something special to offer your patients. With Lumineers you can dramatically improve the lives of your patients without invasively affecting their natural teeth. You have the power to transform their appearance and make their lives better, which is pretty unique compared to traditional dental offices.

    Marketing materials that work for you!

    With eye-catching, contemporary flyers and informative, professional letters, you can get your inform new patients about your practice, your location, and your innovative, patient-friendly services, and you can reconnect with existing patients. These flyers and letters have been designed to capitalize on four themes highlighted below.


    Use these marketing flyer templates to inform your patients that you are a truly minimally invasive dentist that offers effective, patient-friendly solutions, including Lumineers, LumiSmile®, LumiBrite™ Professional Whitening, and VELscope Vx. Slip these personalized flyers in your monthly invoices, keep some copies on your front desk, pass the flyers out at a local farmers market, or hand them out at events.

    Communicate the advantages of your services with professional letters

    Use these letter templates to keep your patients informed about the services you offer. You can send just the letter, or you can combine them with your personalized flyers from above for a special mailing to your patients. You can tailor these letters to represent your unique practice and services.

    Accessing & personalizing marketing pieces

    Click on the flyer or letter you want to use and save it to your desktop. Personalize the document to fit your specific needs, and save the changes. Print as many flyers as you would like. If you need, we can print professional-quality copies of the flyers for you - $200 for every 1,000 flyers (plus shipping and taxes). Feel free to contact your sales representative for more information on personalizing these files or to get answers to questions you may have.

  • Lumineers is the #1 patient-requested veneer

    Putting TV & online media to work for your practice

    Targeted national TV advertising and online pay-per-click marketing are designed with one objective in mind: drive new patients. The campaign drives literally millions of impressions a year through consumer media. In fact, lumineers.com is often the #1 ranked site for “veneers”, the top dental search term on Google. Our website and doctor locator capture interest and make sure new patients discover your practice.

    Customized co-op marketing support

    The LSDP Portal gives you access to easy-to-use ad templates and emails that you can customize for your practice, phone scripts for your team to use to communicate your services and practice-growing marketing tips and tools.

    Trained Lumineers Smile Discovery Program consultants will help set-up and train your office to make sure you’re getting the most you can out of this valuable aspect of the program. Testimonial: “It’s like we’ve got a national advertising agency working for our practice!”

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  • With Monthly FREE Product, LSDP Pays for Itself!

    Free products Included!

    Every month you receive $1,750 in product credit! No other program in dentistry gives you this unique benefit. You’ll receive FREE product monthly and use this to drive increased revenue. Your success is always the key driver to LSDP and this unique benefit was developed to make it happen!

    Membership Savings and Free Product Savings
    No-Charge Monthly DenMat Products $21,000
    Two FREE Lumineers cases + two 50% Lumineers cases for 2 staff members $4,062
    Practice Marketing Support $4,000
    Free 2-Day Course $795
    LumiSmile (average 5/month @ $99 each) $5,940
    TOTAL VALUE $35,797

    Call today to join: 1-800-4DENMAT