Expert sharpening for your Hartzell Instruments!

Hartzell Instrument's professional sharpening service compliments your practice in regards to overall efficiency and quality care for your patients. Send in your dull instruments and receive them back in 2 weeks fully sharpened and ready to use.

 Hartzell Instrument Sharpening Services

Stay Sharp

  • Ship To:
  • Hartzell Instruments
  • 2372 Stanwell Circle
  • Concord, CA 94520
 Hartzell Instrument Sharpening Services


  • Pricing:
  • Castroviejo Retipping - $55.00
  • Castroviejo Lock Repair - $40.00
  • Scissor Resharpening - $16.00
  • Dental Instrument Resharpening - $3.00 per end
  • Dental Instrument Retipping - $7.45 per end
  • Periotome Retipping - $27.00 per end
  • 2-week turnaround time

Since 1935, G. Hartzell and Son Dental Instruments has proudly served dental professionals worldwide with the highest quality dental hand instruments. Since 2014, DenMat offers these superior instruments as a new addition to the DenMat family. These industry-leading tools connect you to your patient and have long been preferred by clinicians for diagnostic, hygiene, restorative, periodontal & surgical, endodontic, implant and orthodontic procedures.