Sizing Guide Duo-PCH Upper Small/Medium/Large

  • (1) Sizing Guide Duo-PCH Upper Small/Medium/Large

The affordable solution to beautiful porcelain veneers!

Advantages for the Doctor

  • The only anterior indirect restoration system with porcelain facing providing improved esthetics, longevity, and easier finishing
  • A new, affordable option and less costly than lab-fabricated veneers
  • No need to layer composite “free-hand”
  • No lab fees

Advantages for the Patient

  • Affordable smile makeover in 1 – 2 office visits
  • Minimal to no removal of sensitive tooth structure for greater comfort
  • Beautiful, long-lasting esthetics that won’t stain or wear over time

The result is natural and beautiful!


This product is one of many in the Duo:PCH® / 28 Unit Starter Kit with Standard Translucency

The Duo:PCH® system features preformed porcelain shells with an underlay of composite, designed to mimic the luster, smoothness, translucency and shade characteristics of real enamel and dentin. Porcelain finishing provides better resistance to staining and chipping and does not need to be polished or maintained like composite, providing a beautiful, lasting solution at an affordable price.

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