SOL® Disposable Laser Tips 400um- 9.5mm


(25) 400um 9.5mm Disposable Laser Tips

About the SOL Portable Soft-Tissue Diode Desktop Dental Laser
This high-quality dental laser delivers true portability, power and precision. It features enhanced ergonomics, a simple interface, and a high-contrast aiming beam designed to make laser dentistry easier than ever. The cost effective diode laser designed for the entire team to deliver outstanding performance at an unbeatable value.

SOL Desktop Laser offers:

  • Easy-to-see blue aiming beam
  • Disposable soft-tissue laser tips available for all of your perio, cauterizing and cutting needs
  • Max power: 3 Watts in continuous mode and 5 Watts in pulse mode

SOL Disposable Laser Tips tips have NEW technology fiber optics for improved and consistent power output, extended diode life, and optimization for soft tissue procedures and indications.

Dental Diode Laser Procedures

Learn about dental diode laser procedures that can help you grow your practice
Laser Procedures

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General Setup and Use of the SOL Desktop Laser

Instructions for Use of the SOL Desktop Laser