Snap-On Smile® - Antibacterial Gel 4oz, 6-pack

Snap-On Smile® - Antibacterial Gel
  • Natural mint flavor
  • 6 pack of 4 oz. bottles

  • Keep your Snap-On Smile removable full or partial arch in top shape with fresh breath. Gel and cleaning solution combination products will help neutralize oral acids and freshen your breath all day with the Snap-On Smile Gel.

The one and only - Snap-On Smile®
Snap-On Smile® is a non-invasive cosmetic, removable full or partial arch that literally snaps right over the patient's existing dentition without impinging on the gingival tissue or covering the palate. Entirely tooth-borne, no adhesives are required and patients are free to eat, drink and function normally without obstruction. Many dentists regard temporization as one of the most difficult aspects of full-mouth restoration. Snap-On Smile is not only an excellent provisional, it also provides patients exceptional esthetics. It can last for years, yet is affordable enough to be temporary. For patients who are hesitant to commit to more involved restoration treatments, Snap-On Smile offers the experience of living with better function and superior esthetics.


Introduction to the Snap-On Smile® Provisional Appliance

October 31|2:22

See how you can get amazing results with Snap-On Smile®

September 23|5:49