Building Strong Partnerships

Since 1974, DenMat has been building strong partnerships with practices that we work with and serve. For decades, we have worked with DSOs, Groups, and GPOs, to provide innovative products, education, marketing solutions, and laboratory services that enable DSOs to drive revenue by operating more efficiently and more effectively to produce exceptional patient outcomes.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing practical solutions that drive practice growth and encourage patient case acceptance. Our approach to working with organizations is to exercise our ability to be innovative, responsive, and agile. We can easily adapt our solutions to current needs. 

Our Products

Innovative products are the foundation of DenMat’s existence. The company offers a myriad of products for the dental practice, with a complementary portfolio that may be utilized for most dental procedures. Furthermore, DenMat operates on the principle of innovation, with ongoing material advancements for the greater good of patients served by DSOs, Groups, and GPOs. Between 2019-2021, DenMat has launched over 10 innovative products such as Perio Restore®, Zen CP+™, and OrthoClear®, our clear aligner solution.

How We Can Help

Proven and Innovative Additions to Formulary

Our products are well known across the industry for being innovative, reliable, and high-quality. We provide leading products and brands such as Splash®, Perfectemp®, Core Paste®, Geristore®, Perioptix® Loupes, and our newest innovative oral hygiene products; Perio Restore® and Zen CP+. The majority of DenMat products are manufactured at its headquarters in Lompoc, California in the heart of California’s Central Coast.

Customer Continuing Education for Staff

We can create a customized educational experience for your staff. We have over 30 years of experience in delivering soft tissue management, laser, and esthetic courses in a live setting or webinar. We can establish a course curriculum based on the needs of your DSO.

Esthetic Lab

DenMat is known for its esthetic products such as, Lumineers® LumiZir® crowns, and Snap-On Smile®. DenMat continues to innovate in laboratory services as well. Our innovative ART® is designed to provide your dentists confidence in prep, smile design, and placement of minimally invasive veneers. Our newest product, OrthoClear® clear aligners provide Groups and DSOs an affordable alternative for current clear aligner lab costs while providing patients a comfortable and effective solution.

Supply Efficiency

DenMat has an agile IT and ERP system that can easily integrate into supply chain management systems providing efficiency and flexibility for special markets.

Marketing Solutions and Practice Management

DenMat has over 15 years of experience in providing practice management solutions that provide lead generation for patients and case acceptance for treatment plans. Our history in clinical dentistry allows us to understand the key challenges of marketing to patients and gaining their trust for treatment acceptance.

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