Splash® Half-Time Set Putty Paks


Splash® Half-Time Set Putty is a heavy viscosity super hydrophilic VPS impression material. The deep purple color pairs well as a tray material with Lite or Extra Lite wash material. Putty Paks come individually wrapped in quadrant doses which are easy to use, store and dispense. Simply peel back the lid, fold the pak in half squeezing the base and catalyst together and begin mixing.

Splash offers:

  • super hydrophilicity
  • set time of 2:45
  • deep purple color


  • (12) 18mL Base and Catalyst Putty Paks

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pdf Splash! and Splash Putty Regular Half Time Set Impression Materials SDS pdf 86.1 KB Download
pdf Impression Material & Bite Registration DFU pdf 198.1 KB Download